64 Downloads Last Updated: Nov 5, 2019 Game Version: 1.12.2

Generally speaking, Futuristica is a highly tech-based pack. Hundreds of modifications are hoping that you use them! Discover new planets with Advanced Rocketry or build your own bunker with its own food, water and power supplies! However, this pack does include also some smaller mods like Sync, for cloning players and Matter Overdrive.


If you want you can create your own little (or big) stoy / quest line with Custom NPC. Create factions and fight against your nemesis!


It is an outstanding collection of mods combined with the performance of the Minecraft Version 1.12.2!



Report some Bugs?
If you are looking for like minded humans (or aliens) or just want to report some bugs





Futuristica Logo (Also the SkyCraftenDE Logo)


Only for Project with this Package! (Not for servers & other abusing!)





If you want to create a server with this modpack just give "Jere#2001" a message via Discord! He will send you the needed files!





The Twitch App to download it

At least 6 GB RAM - Allocated to the modpack (Go to the three line, in the upper left corner, go to File -> Settings)

Newest Java Version (1.8.0_51 or higher)


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