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For 1.12 port, see [REALISTIC] Fundamentalist II, ETA January 2020.


Fundamentalist aims for a full remastering of the World generation, game progression, survival experience and tech usage while preserving the Vanilla feeling of the game.

Fundamentalist 1.7.10 is centered around 3 major technological branches all synchronized and balanced individually. While striving to preserve a realistic Vanilla-style survival, it brings simple but clever engineering in touch with small and large-scale exploration. Ores spawn by biome, terrain has custom generation algorithms and new structures, sky is no longer the limit. Survival is harder, you will get thirsty and often hungry, food grows slow, torches eventually get consumed, the inventory is small, water is finite, the world is infinite. Mob drops and chest loots are custom-tailored, ores have been unified and re-textured and so has the Sun and the Moon, and each recipe has been verified and altered if necessary in order to make every mod count.

Fundamentalist endured a full survival test world, and was tweaked to perfection with extraordinary attention to the different aspects of the game. No mods overlap each-other, but they will all be necessary for you to succeed. No Overworld biomes were added, but the Vanilla ones you knew will never be the same. Everything you do can be automated, but your finest skills will be required. "One-block-to-rule-them-all" is no longer something you could ever expect.

With that being said, and the player warned of his imminent failure in a rough world with no Mercy, I wish any daring soul who wishes to challenge themself good luck.

Yours Sincerely,


- Recommendations from The Author -

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Ressource Packs - CurseForge Page - Because 512x textures are definitely worth it if your system has 4GB of RAM.

Optifine - CurseForge Page - If you are a hardcore optifine user,  Version 1.7.10 HD U D6 works fine with both shaders and Fastcraft.

Mod List - CurseForge Page - More than 60 people contributed to this Pack indirectly. Go check them out!

Rules & Regulations - CurseForge Page - Be respectful towards the authors. Here is all you need to know before downloading this Pack.

Fundamental Wiki - CurseForge Page - If you ever feel lost in such a large World.

- All credits go to their respective authors -



For 1.12 port, see [REALISTIC] Fundamentalist II, ETA January 2020.


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