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Fuller's PokePack: cobblemon / pokemon modpack

Fuller's PokePack: A Cobblemon Modpack for Fabric + Resource Pack Collection!

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This modpack includes essentials for a performance optimized & Vanilla+ modded experience while playing the Cobblemon mod!

Cobblemon is a new Pokémon × Minecraft mod that offers many classic pokemon mechanics while also staying true to the Minecraft art style. This pack enhances the Vanilla Cobblemon experience with Mods + the Ultimate Cobblemon Resource & Data Pack Collection , adding over 80 more 'mons!.

The Included Mods provide the following:

  • Performance Improvement.
  • A Cobblemon Guide Book.
  • A minimap along with waypoints and a worldmap.
  • Inventory Item and recipe viewing + information HUD designed for a better user experience.
  • Sleeping bags which allow users to skip the night without changing their spawn.
  • Hammocks which allows users to change day to night.
  • A biome compass to find biomes, allowing for easier collection of pokemon.
  • A vein mining keybind which mines all ores in a vein at once.
  • Fast travel with waystones.
  • Death Graves to keep your inventory safe.
  • Improve immersion with customizable armor opacity.
  • Vanilla friendly building blocks & structures.
  • Join your friends worlds for free while they are online.

For a 24/7 server, please consider using code "GVERSE" through Bisect Hosting for 25% OFF.

Their help has made working on and updating this mod pack for everyone a valid use of my time, so it would mean a lot if you'd use my code as a thank you.

Ultimate Cobblemon Resource & Data Pack Collection


(The following are links to the recommended datapacks for singleplayer users and server owners. The only datapack files included in the modpack download are the resourcepacks required for the datapacks.)

All included packs not in the public domain were added with permission from their respective owners. If your pack is listed and you did not give permission, contact Fuller GVerse to have it removed.

Resource Packs:

Complete Mod List

Google Doc Link

Current Added Pokemon (83 Total)

Google Doc Link

Other Links

Pack Permissions, My Carrd.

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