Full Steam Ahead - Shaders

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Full Steam Ahead - Shaders


Here we are, on Curse. This is an originally Technic Platform modpack, now available on Curse!




In version 3.2 there will be a feature available only one Curse (Not technic): a crazy shaderpack!

Good to know


"Only for multiplayer" versions of the modpack don't have the Instant Massive Structures mod becouse it is not compatible with servers. They have the Instant blocks mod, that has only 16 buildings, but it works with servers and has an ability of loading schematics so you can spawn anything.


With this modpack, you can:


Build a unique town in no time,


Put some elegant pieces of furniture in your house,


Avoid Destruction of your mind thanks to Optifine


Live in it with your family,


Enjoy the Minecraft environment,


Spice the town up with NPCs,


Connect towns with Ships, Airships or even Trains!


And Map it all!


This is the modpack for you if:


- you are Bored of Vannila Biomes and Vannila tranportation

- you want to build Towns in no time and connect them on a fun way

- you want to make minecraft beautiful

- you want to make a non- Vannila-villager population

- you want to make NPCs in your town

- you want to do all sorts of things related to the above






(How to make your town in 5 steps - singleplayer)


1. Find a relatively flat space in your world and start building!


To Clear Some space for your buildings, use the Structure Remover 16x16 provided in the instant         massive structures mod.

16x16 is the space needed for every Residential - Low density building with marking $$ and $.

The $$$ marking needs more space.

Dig a hole of 2 blocks and put the instant structure block. ( make sure that the corner of the building     is oposite the corner where you put the structure remover )

Low density residential buildings  take 2  layers of blocks of dirt. Low density offices carry only one.

If you aren't sure about the size of the building make a test world so your experimenting won't             destroy your towns' world Beauty.

Residential- low density $$ building- Ideal for starters!  

2. Make a street!

IF you want to have rails conecting your houses, leave 7 block space between the houses and put gravel there. if you are connecting them with water, it's recomended to make more space. Air connection doesn't need roads, just build helipads or runways on your own (none of these is in the instant buildings mod).

Rail connection

I prefer connecting houses with rails, but that is my opinion. When building rails don't use vanilla rails, Traincraft trains aren't designed for them (on normal (90°) turns they glitch very easily), use the Traincraft rails that you can find in the traincraft creative gui (on te bottom). Rail conection can be made on two ways: one direction or two directions. One direction is the easiest to make (just make the exit of the street with two switches. I wont explain two directions becouse they are soo complicated.

Note: to make switches change direction, just use a lever.Train parking: I like to do it like this (when I don't have much space):

Train parking


Air connection

The easyest way to connect houses. Build your own airship by putting air ballons on your airship construction. To make it work, put the ship's helm and sail the winds!


Water connection


Very good for coastal cities. Make sure every house has a small dock. (the harbours are good, but first test them). Procedure of making ships is very similar to the one of making airships. just put floaters on your construction and don't forget the ship's helm!


3.Decorating houses


The maker of the Instant buildings mod we have here didn't build these houses with MrCrayfish's furniture mod so if you want you can decorate them. You can put curtains, TVs, ovens, whatever.

Minecraft Comes Alive lets you spawn families that will make your population look like real. Put them in houses by 2 (man and wife,, i prefer). On day they will go to the streets and look around, by night they'l go sleep.




It is very good that stores are provided in the instant buildings mod. For small local stores use Green, Orange or Brick(size:16x16), for more stores in one building, use Quarts. Put NPCs in there to trade.

5. Expand your city network and dominate the landscape!


And this is it! You've got a fully functioning neigbourhood! Far from it put factories (so they don't couse air polution). Or put them in the neighbourhood, there is only one rule for the end: NEVER, NEVER, EVER think I am making rules of minecraft, it's your world and build whatever you want and how do you want. I am not and obstacle. Have fun!

Your finished neighbourhood!










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