FTB Presents Stoneblock 2

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Filename FTBPresentsStoneblock2-1.1.1-1.12.2.zip
Uploaded by FTB
Uploaded Jan 10, 2019
Game Version 1.12.2  
Size 12.98 MB
Downloads 51,750
MD5 64f7495f15eef545e673afc44f15b559
Supported Minecraft 1.12 Versions


1.1.1 HOTFIX

Mods Updated:

Mods Added:

Mods Removed:

-Fixed some thaumcraft tools quests
-Fixed missing L in blocks for Singularity´s quests
-Removed all lronBackPacks recipes
-Added disabled addTooltip to all lronBackPacks items
-Added disabled addTooltip to bag of holding

1.1.0 UPDATE (Removed from Launcher/Twitch app, please use v1.1.1)

Mods Updated:

Mods Added:

Mods Removed:
-IronBackpacks-1.12.2-3.0.8-12.jar Due to dupe bugs

-Changed EMC Value of Shimmer leaf
-Changed EMC value of Vis Crystals
-Removed OreDict From clay water and lava bucket due to it passing down to Empty bucket
-Removing Stone Rod from exnihilo creatio favouriting tinkers Stone Rod
-Fixed Craftpresence Icon
-Rename the main menu resources to lower, and the references in the mainmenu.json
-A lot of quest name and description update
-Enabled Thaumic JEI to Show recipes even though research for it hasn't been unlock
-Removed EMC from Neutron's but keep EMC on the items it makes
-Fixed recipe conflict between Wooden Hammer and Wooden Chisel and bits wrench
-Fixed "Photosynthesis is for Suckers" not completing with "Acacia Wood" and "Dark Oak Wood"
-Configured ServerLevelType to voidworld
-Enable autoCreateServersOnly from new Void Island Control update
-Changed all quest reward to not be team reward
-Disable Golden Bag of Holding due to clients hanging
-AA Travelers Sack recipe remove due to dupe bug
-Removed recipe for quantumflux magnet due to dupe bug
-Corrected Common Loot Crate name
-Removed Mekanism Crusher recipe for Sand to Silicon
-Removed some Flying Ring recipes there wasnt working
-tweaked ts2k16 Chance and Cooldown
-Fixed grinder recipe for wheat Flour
-Removed EMC from "Stencil Table", "Part Builder", "Tool Forge"
-Added crafting recipe for glowing mushroom
-Blacklisted Fluid Cows Stall from Cardboard Box
-Increased Redstone drop from sifting by 5%
-Added ProjectRed "Ruby", "Sapphire", "Peridot" and "Electrotine" to sifting
-Removed and hide ProjectRed Solar Panel
-Added Ore + Engineer's Hammer to Pluverized for "Gold", "Copper", "Tin", "Nickel", "Platinum" and "Iridium"
-Disabled all Wub items due to crashes
-Added Thaumcraft Amber and Brass Chickens
-Changed Gold Chicken from laying nuggets to ingots
-Changed so you craft the charged Sun Crystal instead of the empty one
-Disable Chance Cube "TrollHole"
-Removed Disabled/Removed Items from loot tables
-Added a few new quest rewards
-Increased Chaos Chicken Damage
-Added Black Quartz Ore to Grinder recipes
-Enabled Nether/End Biome for Quantum Quarry
-Disabled HammerCore´s Smooth Vanilla Guis
-Raised some cows breeding chance a little

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