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Filename FTBPresentsSkyfactory3-3.0.15-1.10.2.zip
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Uploaded Sep 18, 2017
Game Version 1.10.2
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FTB Presents Sky Factory 3-1.10.2-3.0.15

Mod(s) Updated

  • AppleSkin by squeek502 (1.0.7 > 1.0.8)
    • Added better support for displaying huge hunger/saturation values in tooltips.
  • Brandon's Core by brandon3055 ( >
    • No changelog was provided by the mod author.
  • Chance Cubes by Turkey ( >
    • Fixed some Extra Utilities 2 rewards.
    • Fixed the "Blacklisted Blocks" config option.
  • Chisel by tterrag ( >
    • The carving registry now supports any kind of item/block, including unstackable items.
    • IMC has been rewritten, mods using the old IMC should update soon.
    • OreDict variants have been removed. Mods wishing to add their own variants should use IMC. Users should seek out an external solution like ModTweaker.
    • The carving system has been rewritten in a few places to accomodate these major changes. New bugs may have been introduced.
    • Cleaned up ItemStack equality checks to ensure consistent behavior.
    • Fixed removing a variation also removing the group.
    • Fixed futura particles being broken, searching in the minecraft domain.
    • Fixed blue carpets having no description.
    • Fixed off-hand placing blocks when opening chisel.
    • Fixed concrete/brownstone being capable of accelerating to ludicrous speeds when underwater.
    • Fixed a crash on dedicated servers.
  • Cyclops Core by kroeser (0.10.7 > 0.10.9)
    • Mod now properly calls pre-block destroy on alternative block break calls.
    • Fixed invalid tile entity persistence. This fixes issues where dropped machines lose NBT information.
  • Draconic Evolution by brandon3055 ( >
    • Fixed the mob grinder not updating its kill area when rotated with a wrench.
    • Fixed an edge case issue where the magnet may duplicate xp orbs.
    • Fixed a potential edge case issue where the reactor gui JEI integration may crash.
    • Fixed the Fluid gate inserting into the wrong side of the target block, which caused a crash when 2 fluid gates faced each other.
    • Fixed no cores being consumed when stabilizing a spawner.
    • Fixed the energy pylon not supporting Forge Energy.
    • Fixed mobs spawned by Wyvern-tier or higher spawners instantly despawning if no player is around. Mobs are now persistent for 30 seconds.
  • Extra Bit Manipulation by Phylogeny (2.4.1 > 2.5.1)
    • Added Chiseled Armor vanity slots to the player's inventory.
      • Armor worn in one of the added inventory vanity slots render on the player, but don't take up an armor slot and don't provide additional protection. Click the helmet icon (if displayed) in the survival player inventory or press H (by default) to access these slots.
    • Added the ability to throw bits from Bit Bags (default: press R).
    • Prevented a crash that occured when a mod (like Extra Utilities) checked key binding activity before MC's player instance is initialized.
    • Fixed body part template area rendering bug.
    • Allowed Chiseled Armor to work with Galacticraft.
  • Extra Utilities 2 by RWTema (1.5.2 > 1.6.3)
    • Added the Chicken Wing Ring.
    • Added the Ring of the Flying Squid.
    • Disabled creative ender pearl code that was not behaving properly.
    • Disabled sky lighting in deep dark.
    • Changed the recipe for the Angel Ring.
    • Tweaked deep dark generation so it gives less ores.
    • Chunks generated by the ender quarry should now have proper sky lighting values.
    • Ender quarry special dimension now allows sun light to prevent chunk corruption.
    • Added minor crash protection to the Quantum Quarry's world gen.
    • Added a null check to prevent a crash related to Transfer Nodes.
    • Fixed incorrect localization for Golden Lasso creatures.
    • Fixed a Crafter crash with unusual recipes.
    • Fixed some rogue SideOnly issues (should fix Tinkers Construct integration on servers).
    • Fixed a NPE related to Transfer Nodes.
    • Fixed flying rings not working on servers.
  • Flux Networks by Ollie_Lansdell (1.2.5 > 1.2.8)
    • Updated the Mekanism API.
    • Fixed various problems with energy transfer.
    • Fixed a crash when Mekanism isn't loaded.
    • Fixed the mod not loading when SonarCore is present.
  • Hatchery by GenDeathrow (0.3.17 > 0.3.21)
    • Updated Animal nets, so they no longer try to add a chicken to a pen that already has a chicken.
    • Animal Nets were acting funky when in Creative mode, so now if you use a net it just creates a new net with your captured chicken.
    • Added Lucky Egg Machine and Lucky Eggs.
    • Added new items:
      • Feather Pulp
      • Feather Pad
    • Added new recipes:
      • Feather Pulp in furnace -> Paper
      • Feather Fibers in crafting table -> Feather Pad
      • Feather Fibers in crafting table -> String
      • Feather Pad in crafting table -> Wool
    • The fertilizer mixer now accepts single use fluid items.
    • Finished other upgrades for machines (If you hid the old placeholder items in jei... unhide them now)
      • You can only place upgrades in a machine that will accept that specific upgrade.
    • Updated the inventory system... it no longer uses IInventory, now it uses the capability system. YOU MAY LOSE SOME ITEMS STORED IN THEM (only on first load).
    • Hatchery eggs can be turned back into normal eggs.
    • All Tile entities now have sided inventories, extract from bottoms, insert from top and sides.
    • You can fill the fertilizer mixer and generator from your hands without going into the inventory now. Just right click with a bucket.
    • Updated most blocks to now have JEI support with its custom recipes.
    • Applied proper icons and registering of the tile entities for jei.
    • Refactored some code.
    • Fixed a crash related to the fertilizer mixer and its tile entity. Crashes happened on world reloading.
    • Fixed the fertilizer mixer not accepting manure, but you still can't place a hopper underneath it and pull from the output slots.
  • Integrated Dynamics by kroeser (0.7.8 > 0.7.12)
    • The mod now allows the swapping of items in writers when clicking with variables.
    • The mod now avoids chunk updates when updating redstone writer signal. This also reduces the number of neighbours that get triggered to the absolute minimum.
    • Made the list get and head operators throw out-of-bounds error and add safe variant.
      • Previously, the 'get' operator would simply return the default value of the value type if the index was out of bounds. This caused too many issues, in cases where the list type was 'any' for example.
    • Made compareTo implementations safer for clashes.
      • Some implementations were done using hashCode, which could result in clashes for non-equal objects. This could lead to non-equal objects being evicted from collections such as sets.
      • This can explain the bug where networks don't revalidate certain parts in the network after reconstruction due to other parts clashing with them. Ignored parts such as writers would not have their PartTypeWriteBase#updateActivation method called, which would case their internal selected aspect to remain null, which would lead to an inactivated part that shows an error due to it still having an item in its inventory.
    • Fixed parts not being removed from network when alternatively broken.
    • Fixed collidable components crashing when the part container was not found.
    • Fixed part GUIs not being openable after the network regained power.
    • Fixed a crash when retrieving a non-existing entity value client-side.
    • Fixed variable stored contents sometimes not being synced with network.
    • Fixed format errors on some logic programmer symbols.
    • Fixed an infinite loop when Delayer capacity is set to 0.
    • Fixed a crash when reading entity inventories in the nether.
    • Fixed a client crash when reconnecting cables using a wrench.
    • Fixed the Squeezer inventory hash not resetting when height was updated. This fixes the problem where IT item transfer was sometimes delayed for insertion into the Squeezer.
    • Fixed an incorrect offhand handling when wrenching.
    • Fixed the generator animation not stopping when finished.
    • Fixed display panels causing unnecessary chunk rerenders.
  • Integrated Tunnels by kroeser (1.2.4 > 1.2.5)
    • The mod now will handle not found networks as PartStateExceptions, which are catched by the network. This fixes randomly inactivated parts.
    • Fixed a crash when interfaces inventory tiles were incorrectly being removed.
  • JourneyMap by techbrew (5.5.0b1 > 5.5.0b4)
    • Added support for modded mobs which implement INpc. They are now grouped with villagers on mob radar.
    • New "Show Keys" button in Fullscreen map.
    • The UI Theme system has been refactored. New Biome-inspired UI themes: DesertTemple, EndCity, ForestMansion, NetherFortress, OceanMonument, Stronghold, and an updated version of Purist.
      • The "Old Victorian" theme has been removed, and is no longer supported.
    • New map option: "Show Entity Names" that lets you toggle name labels for pets, NPCs, etc.
    • New Minimap options: Customize the information shown above/below with 4 "Info Slots". Each slot can be one of: FPS, Game Time, System Time, Location, Biome.
    • Fullscreen map keybindings now support mouse Button 2 and Button 3. (e.g.: Right-click to create waypoint.)
    • Fullscreen map toolbars and layout have changed. The "Actions" button and dialog have been replaced with buttons for each action.
    • The "Show Keys" panel in Fullscreen map now fades out when the mouse is over it.
    • Fullscreen map has a new "Chat Position" keybinding. The block position under the mouse will be put into chat.
    • Reduced memory usage.
    • Fixed: Options Manager missing reset buttons and Minimap Preset 2 preview button
    • Fixed: Waypoints added via the JourneyMap API would produce NPE if no group was set.
    • Fixed: Temporary (non-persistent) Waypoints added via the JourneyMap API would produce log spam when removed.
    • Fixed: Minimap option "Frame Opacity" was ignored.
    • Fixed: Grid opacity setting was ignored.
    • Theme-related bugfixes.
    • Applied some bugfixes and optimizations related to keybindings.
  • Natura by mDiyo ( >
    • Large Glowshrooms can now be harvested with an axe with silk touch, just like the vanilla ones already could.
    • Clouds will no longer crash the client when right-clicking on them with an empty hand.
    • Nether Furnaces will now double the burning time of fuel.
  • QuantumStorage by Gigabit101 (3.3.4 > 3.3.6)
    • Fixed tanks crashing with Extra Utilities.
    • Fixed missing tiles.
  • RFTools Dimensions by McJty (5.04 > 5.05)
    • Fixed a problem with scattered orbs sometimes causing crashes.
    • Fixed the /setowner command so it uses the correct name.
    • Fixed the rftools dimension manual, so it goes to the correct page when accessed through a machine.
  • ShetiPhianCore by ShetiPhian (3.3.9 > 3.3.11)
    • Fixes a thread-safe issue in the mod's packet handler.
  • Sonar Core by Ollie_Lansdell (3.2.8 > 3.3.0)
    • Updated the Mekanism API.
    • Fixed certain machines not outputting energy.
    • Fixed a crash when placing certain items into inventories.

Configuration Changes

  • Enabled "Force Threaded Chunk Rendering" by default in the Forge Client config. This should increase FPS significantly for a number of users. If it does happen to cause you a decrease in performance for any reason, locate the config/forge.cfg file and change the alwaysSetupTerrainOffThread option to "false".
  • Added a loading screen animation (Thanks to DubstepDentist for making the gif!)

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