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Uploaded Dec 4, 2017
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FTB Presents Direwolf20 1.12-1.12.2-1.3.0

Another week, another update - Now that the first week of December is here a new update has arrived - Santa brought gifts early this year. Enjoy!

Mod(s) Added

  • Morph by iChun (7.1.1)
    • “Acquire” and turn into most living mobs by killing them including other players, silverfish, mobs from Twilight Forest, Mo’ Creatures, Ore Spawn, and more!

Mod(s) Updated

  • Aroma1997Core by Aroma1997 - ( >
    • No changelog was provided by the mod author.
  • Binnie's Mods by Binnie567 - ( >
    • Fixed a networking issue with latest Forge.
    • Updated dependencies.
    • Made Binnie's stained glass non-flammable.
  • Chisels & Bits by AlgorithmX2 - (14.9 > 14.10)
    • Added an option to Enable/Disable MCMP Support (Defaults to Enabled).
    • Removed ItemPickupEvent; this doesn't really matter, but a few builds of forge removed the field it uses and the mod author got a lot of bug reports about it.
    • Changed Integration with MCMP: rather then disabling the World Wrapper (as was done previously) the mod now enables it, and then unwraps the world immediately; this seems to be a work around for MCMP Integration.
    • Applied various minor tweaks to grammar in JEI's Help Text.
    • Changed item tool-tips to show real key-bind values rather then "Left Click" or "Sneak". Hopefully, this will make usage a bit clearer and more exact.
  • CoFH Core by TeamCoFH - ( >
    • Added new potions, and implemented some backend potion support. Potions do not have recipes, by default.
    • Lots of miscellaneous refactors and improvements.
    • Adjusted a behavior which prevented modded bows from working properly in some cases.
  • CoFH World by TeamCoFH - ( >
    • Just a minor update to prevent a potential bug introduced by Mojang.
  • CreeperHost by Creeperhost - (1.6.0 > 1.7.0)
    • Now has a server list functionality - enable it in the config on the client, and on the server set the "discoverability" option in the server.properties. It relies on the project ID being set correctly in the mod's config.
      • Values for discoverability:
        • "unlisted" (default) - will not be in the server list, no calls to CreeperHost servers will be made
        • "public" - will be shown on the public server list
        • "invite" - will be shown in the invite section. To invite users, use the /invite command - it will also whitelist them, although whitelist being enabled is not a condition of the invite function.
      • As usual, all features can be used without the ad functionality - so can be useful even if you aren't a sponsored modpack!
  • EluLib by elucent - (0.1.7 > 0.1.10)
    • Quote from the author: "It's been a while. There are some significant changes. Not honestly sure of all of them anymore."
    • Modular GUIs now have the default GUI background.
    • Fixed a server-side GUI crash.
  • Environmental Tech by ValkrieofNight - (2.0.4a > 2.0.5a)
    • Fixed issues with void miners and not mining particular blocks.
    • Multiblocks can now only be broken by the owner.
    • Fixed missing localizations.
    • Added more slabs.
    • Added more stairs.
    • Added the Lonsdaleite Crystal.
    • Fixed some wither-proof blocks not being wither-proof.
    • Added NuclearCraft ores to Void Ore Miner defaults.
  • Forestry by SirSengir - ( >
    • Reverted a previous commit: "Slightly improved render performance of genetic items (bee, trees, etc)".
  • FTB Utilities by FTB - (4.2.3 > 4.2.4)
    • Re-added Leaderboards.
    • Last Seen seems to be broken sometimes.
  • FTBLib by FTB - (4.2.4 > 4.2.5)
    • Minor performance improvements.
  • iChunUtil by iChun - (7.1.2 > 7.1.3)
    • Added config for aggressive head tracking being done for players only.
    • Fixed a null reference if head model does not exist.
    • Fixed world holes found in GLASS.
    • Reimplemented the EULA notification as a toast on first launch that doesn't require interaction.
  • Industrial Foregoing by Buuz135 - (1.5.11-100 > 1.5.13-103)
    • Added a config option to enable TE Machine Frames in the recipes.
    • Added a blacklist for the mob duplicator, blacklisted entities are shown when captured in the Mob Imprisonment Tools.
    • Changed a color in the StoneWork Factory, so it's not shared with the power one.
    • Wither Builders now use items from any slot if they need it.
    • The Animal Rancher now gathers black ink from squids.
    • Fixed the BHU being derpy with the new ItemHandler for big stacks.
  • Inventory Sorter by cpw11 - (1.12.3+51 > 1.12.4+52)
    • The mod will now try and disable mouse wheel when it's loaded alongside MouseTweaks.
  • Just Enough Items (JEI) by mezz - ( >
    • The mod will now only subscribe to ClientTickEvent when needed.
    • The mod will now hide an item from the client if it doesn't exist in the server.
  • MeeCreeps by McJty - (0.1.6beta > 0.1.7beta)
    • Implemented a much better "follow player" functionality. It will now follow easily through portals without derping up (like voiding the chest it is carrying), and also be much smarter about finding good spots to navigate to.
    • MeeCreeps will no longer suffer suffocation or fall damage. This is to avoid them being killed too soon from bad navigation.
    • The "dig staircase down" functionality will now have one extra height to avoid people bumping their heads.
    • New configurable limit (default 4) for the number of simultaneous MeeCreeps per player.
    • The /creep_clear command now also works for players. It will only get rid of MeeCreeps that belong to that player in that case.
    • MeeCreeps will now recognize Tinkers Construct torches as well as regular vanilla torches.
  • Reborn Core by modmuss50 - ( >
    • Fixed a compile error with Eclipse's compiler.
    • Updated mappings.
    • Fixed a bug in TechReborn: Importer upgrades filling the output slot of machines when the input slot has an item already.
  • Reborn Storage by modmuss50 - ( >
    • The mod now saves the last active page.
    • Remove a tile from world.
  • Redstone Arsenal by TeamCoFH - ( >
    • The recipe for Obsidian Rods is now present even if Obsidian Dust is not.
  • Shadowfacts' Forgelin by shadowfactsmc - (1.5.1 > 1.6.0)
    • Updated to version 1.2.0 of Kotlin.
  • Twilight Forest by Benimatic - (3.4.239 > 3.5.263)
    • Added compatibility for many of the mod's blocks with Chisel.
    • Added crafting recipes for Final Castle related blocks.
      • Due to "vanilla's block to stairs ratio in crafting making no sense", the mod opted for the stair recipes to give you 8 instead of the usual 4.
    • Portals can now be made into any horizontal shape.
      • They still have the same requirements (water pool, plants surrounding it, etc.).
    • Fixed a serious crash involving the Anti-Builder.
    • Fixed an issue with the Trophies interacting with other mods such as Skillable.
      • Also caught an Item Stack null.
    • All magic tree log variants now drop their respective wood properly.
    • Made sure bosses are recognised as such by the game.
    • Collected all of the Fireflies that escaped the Firefly Jar and put them back in.
      • The Firefly "block" also gives off its little firefly lights again.
    • Resolved some Hydra rotation issues; it should no longer track you by spinning around at the speed of sound.
  • Thermal Cultivation by TeamCoFH - ( >
    • Watering cans now have an option for source block removal.
  • Thermal Dynamics by TeamCoFH - ( >
    • Fluxducts now have configurable scaling.
    • Miscellanous backend optimizations.
  • Thermal Expansion by TeamCoFH - ( >
    • Added new augments:
      • Metallurgical Recovery - Provides a chance to not consume Metallurgical Flux in the Smelter.
      • Nutrient Recovery - Provides a chance to not consume Fertilizer in the Insolator.
      • Reagent Recovery - Provides a chance to not consume Reagents in the Alchemical Imbuer.
      • Monoculture Cycle - "Seed" inputs are not consumed in the Insolator, if appropriate.
      • Reflux Column - Increases the Still's conversion efficiency for Fossil Fuels.
      • Alchemical Retort - Allows the Still to refine potions, improving their effectiveness.
      • Flux Reconstruction - Allows the Energetic Infuser to repair items, using Flux and fluid XP.
    • Added new machines:
      • Alchemical Imbuer - It makes potions. Chain a few of them in a row along with augmented Fractionating Stills and have fun!
      • Arcane Ensorcellator - Takes a book, fluid XP, and an item to make an Enchanted Tome. More functionality on the way!
    • Added new devices:
      • Fluid Allocator - moves fluids around, kind of like a hopper, but way better. Three tanks; they can be locked to particular fluids.
      • Lexical Transmuter - Forge Lexicon, in block form. Uses TF's Lexicon whitelist. Transmutes up to 9 different types of items, chosen via a grid.
      • Insightful Condenser - Collects XP orbs in a small radius. Converts XP into fluid form. Use various catalysts to provide bonus XP.
      • Decoctive Diffuser - Distributes fluid potion in a small radius. Use various reagents to alter the potency or duration.
    • Added ClassicCrafting and UpgradeKitCrafting config options for most blocks.
    • Added CustomScaling config options for Dynamos and Machines.
    • Added config options to disallow Creative versions of Storage blocks.
    • Added two new Plugins:
      • Integrated Dynamics
      • Terraqueous.
    • Removed Substrate augments for the Phytogenic Insolator. They just weren't fun.
    • Removed Upgrade Items. They are now part of Thermal Foundation. Don't worry, they transition smoothly.
    • Minor texture adjustments and improvements.
    • Implemented more plugin support.
    • Many recipes and machine processes have been adjusted and/or rebalanced a bit.
    • Some items have had their registration adjusted. You may see a log message about this when loading an existing world.
    • The Aqueous Accumulator now produces quite a bit more water.
    • Cache's locking behavior has been changed somewhat - empty Caches can no longer be locked.
    • Creative Tabs have been reorganized.
    • Dynamos now always face up on placement; no more auto-rotation.
    • The Phytogenic Insolator no longer needs Substrate Augments for certain crops.
    • Portable Tanks can now be locked and respond to Redstone Control. Sneak-using a tank with an empty hand locks it. Sneak-using a tank with a Multimeter opens the configuration GUI.
    • Steam Dynamos cannot use any fuel with a value < 3000 RF.
    • Fixed a very recently introduced crash with Florbs. Thanks, Mojang!
    • Fixed an IC2 Plugin recipe.
  • Thermal Foundation by TeamCoFH - ( >
    • Added new Fluids: Essence of Knowledge (Experience) and Potions (Standard, Splash, Lingering).
    • Implemented new Potion Recipes for the Brewing Stand.
    • Upgrade Items are now part of Thermal Foundation. They have been moved from Thermal Expansion.
    • Some items have had their registration adjusted. You may see a log message about this when loading an existing world.
    • Adjusted Cryotheum and Pyrotheum Block slow amounts.
    • All fluid textures now use interpolation.
    • Creative Tabs have been reorganized.
    • Minor changes to fluid properties.
    • Ores which were previously considered "blast furnace" ores are not anymore.
    • Tools have been reworked on the backend.
  • TOP Addons by DrManganese - (1.1.3 > 1.2.1)
    • Added Binnie's Mods support.
      • Genetics/Extra Trees machine progress.
      • Botany flowers and soil.
    • Added Thermal Expansion & Thermal Dynamics support.
    • Tank color refactor & cleanup.
    • Implemented json recipes.
    • Thermal Foundation fluid colours.
    • Removed binnie dependency in ObjectHolder.
  • UniDict by WanionCane - (1.4 > 1.5)
    • Now UniDict can automatically hide (again) unused/redundant entries in JEI.
      • This can be disabled on the mod's config file, located at config/unidict/UniDict.cfg, search for B:autoHideInJEI.
    • Now UniDict is capable of removing recipes.
      • According with Craft Tweaker Wiki it is now applying their changes on PreInit, which means that it can not remove recipes "created" by UniDict. So, this feature is pretty much necessary in order to get rid of some unwanted recipes.
      • How to use it: check "S:recipeToRemoveList" on the config file for further details.
  • ValkyrieLib by ValkyrieofNight - (2.0.4b > 2.0.5a)
    • No changelog was provided by the mod author.

Configuration Changes

  • OpenComputers
    • Fixed a typo in user.recipes, fixing a recipe issue (for real) with Diamond Chips.
  • UniDict
    • Used the newly added remove recipes section (added in v1.5 of UniDict) to disable the odd gear recipes

Recipe Changes

  • Manually added a recipe for Copper Gears, due to it previously not working in some circumstances.

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