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Filename FTBInteractions-1.9.0-1.12.2.zip
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Uploaded Jun 24, 2019
Game Version 1.12.2
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1.9.0 Update
IMPORTANT: Any update from 1.8+ will cause Super factory managers to lose their programming due to a fundamental change in the way the mod handles data.
The new change allows for higher numbers and stocking with the SFM and is a needed breaking change to improve the mod overall. Please make sure your players
have had a chance to copy down their programs to avoid any added hassle for this important update.

Mod updates:
clean view to v1b
CEU to
forgeline to 1.8.2
FTBLib and FTBQuests updated
JEI to
Mekanism to
Modular diversity to 1.5
passwordlib to 2.1.44
randomtweaks to
randompatches to
soulus to 4.2.2-160ded6
wirelesscrafting terminal to 3.12.93
wizardry to 0.10.8
Xaeros minimap to 1.17.2
Zen summoning to 1.0.16

Config Changes:
Wizardry config updates
Modular Diversity json recipes updated to reflect new daylight syntax
zen events will now use a raw update method to allow the enderchicken to still shed neutronium while held by a physidillic prime (spoiler alert)

Quest Changes:
several bug fixes, no new quests

Recipe Changes:
Importer/exporter crafts from integrated dynamics now requires redstone
burnt emerald crafting should now work as expected
covered superconducting cables now use 144mb of ptfe each instead of 100
all sky cauldron recipes should be working again

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FTBInteractionsServer_1.9.0.zip 268.16 MB Jun 24, 2019

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