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FTB Infinity Evolved-1.7.10-3.0.2

Minor quest-related update!

Configuration Changes

  • Changes in HQM:
    • "Aroma's Mining Dimension" quest now only has the "Steel" quest as requirement.
    • The "The Vat" quest's task now has The Vat.
    • Moved some quests to avoid confusion.
    • Fixed the text in the "Smeltery" quest to accurately say how much you need to make a Smeltery.
    • Added some text to the "ME Energy Acceptor" quest.
    • Added information to the "Survivalist Generator" quest to explain how to move RF from it, and now suggests to use it to fill up capacitors instead of machines directly.
    • Moved the "Grinder", "Auto-Spawner", and "Powered Spawner" quests.
    • The "Inventory Panel" quest no longer has the "The Vat" task, now requires the "The Vat" quest.
    • The "Forge Hammer" quest now gives 1 Machine Casing.
    • The first two Botania quests now give 8 Floral Fertilizer.
    • The first Thaumcraft quest now gives 8 of a random Mana Bean.
    • The third Botania quest now gives a reward choice of either 16 Floral Fertilizer or 1 Blacker Lotus (10% of a Mana Pool).
    • Added a new task to the second Thaumcraft quest about the Research Table.
    • The "Witches Oven" quest now gives a reward choice of either 1 Fume Funnel or 16 Clay Jars.
    • Added some text to the "Kettle" and "Altar" quests.
    • Added a reward of 3 Regen II potions to the "Blood Altar" quest.
    • Added a reward of 4 Blacker Lotuses to the "Elven Gateway" quest.
    • Added a reward choice of either Strength II, Regen II, or Resistance II Vials to the "Gaia Guardian" quest.
    • Added a reward of 5 Aura Nodes to the "Icorcloth Wand" quest.
    • Added a reward of 15 IE Steel Ingots to "Steel" quest.
    • Added text to the "Refined Iron" quest about not being able to directly connect an Electric Heat Generator to IE Wire Coils.
    • Added a reward of an Ender Tank to the "Ender Tank" quest.
    • Changed the "Inscriber" quest from needing 4 to needing 5.
    • Added a reward of one "The Ender" enchanted with Looting I, Unbreaking II to the "Killer Joe" quest.
    • Renamed the Flux-Infused Armor quest from "Coated in Redstone" to "Red-Soaked"
    • Added a reward of 32 Compressed Cobblestone to the "Compacting Drawer" quest.
    • Added a reward choice of either Dark Shears or a Dark Axe to the "Slice'N'Splice" quest.
    • Added a reward of 8 Reinforced Stone to the "Reinforced Stone" quest.
    • Added a reward of 16 Scrap Boxes to the "Recycler" quest.

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