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Uploaded Jun 22, 2017
Game Version 1.10.2
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Supported Minecraft 1.10 Versions


FTB Beyond-1.10.2-1.10.0

Mod(s) Added

  • ConnectedTexturesMod by tterag1098 (
    • A resource pack extension library.
    • This mod is now required for Chisel.

Mod(s) Updated

  • Aquaculture by Shadowclaimer ( >
    • Fixed mcmod.info.
    • Corrected Health Amount and Saturation modifier implementation, fixes AppleCore and Nutrition compatibility.
  • ArchitectureCraft by gcewing (1.7.1 > 1.7.3)
    • Fixed a client crash caused by attempting to place an ArchitectureCraft block in a space partially occupied by another type of block having a tile entity.
  • Blood Magic by WayofTime (2.1.10-79 > 2.1.11-80)
    • Added support for some modded crops (Untested, theoretically they work):
      • Harvestcraft
      • Actually Additions
      • Extra Utilities
    • Large Bloodstone Bricks should now receive 4 from a craft.
    • Mod now dynamically calculates Meteor Weight.
    • Updated Sigil of Holding texture so set color is more visible.
    • [API] Added methods for removing recipes.
    • Fixed permission level for sub-commands.
    • Fixed the Diamond Meteor giving blocks of diamond.
    • Fixed a NPE in fluid filter.
    • Fixed Blood Tank capacity being reset when the chunk reloaded.
    • Fixed Rune Type capability not registering on physical client.
    • Fixed blocks destroyed by bound tools not storing any NBT data.
    • Fixed Harvest ritual not working on Melons and Pumpkins.
  • Chisel by tterrag ( >
    • Futura blocks are back to their former glory!
    • Antiblocks now glow! (and a few other blocks do too!)
    • Most render logic has been moved to new mod, CTM.
      • Removed some configs that now belong to CTM.
    • Fixed some potential packet exploits.
    • Fixed companion cube's subtext.
    • Fixed a crash from mods using the old API.
  • CoFH Core by TeamCoFH ( >
    • Supports new TF/TE features.
    • Minor updates for optimization and compatibility.
    • Updates to handle various fixes and optimizations.
  • Draconic Evolution by brandon3055 ( >
    • Fixed the draconium capacitor not charging items.
    • Made the celestial manipulator time warp effect a lot smoother.
    • Chaos island explosion nolonger kills you in creative mode.
    • Fixed an item handler crash with the crafting core.
    • Added a catch to the mob soul to fix issues with broken mod mobs.
    • Attempted to fix Ender Energy Manipulator SF compat (may or may not have been successful).
  • ElecCore | Rendering Library by Elec332 (1.7.421 > 1.7.425)
    • Added Forestry property reference.
    • Updated mappings & forge version.
    • Fixed some unlocalized names not being fully lowercased.
    • Fixed modules loading before the actual mod.
    • Fixed usage of a method that is not available for 1.10 Minecraft.
  • Extreme Reactors by ZeroNoRyouki ( >
    • Added config options to disable Fuel Rods / Turbine particles.
    • Added localizations for Fluid Cyanite.
    • Added localizations for client-only configurations.
  • Flux Networks by Ollie_Lansdell (1.2.4 > 1.2.5)
    • Fixed massive FPS drops.
    • Updated SonarCore for fixes relating to energy transfer.
  • Forestry by SirSengir ( >
    • Fixed bees doing damage on peaceful mode.
  • Immersive Engineering by BluSunrize (0.10-60 > 0.10-61)
    • Changed Toolboxes and Wooden Crates to keep their enchantments on placement.
    • Changed seed & produce outputs of wheat and beetroot in the cloche.
    • Fixed the Coke Oven dropping additional items.
    • Fixed formatting issues on the lang file.
    • Fixed the Cloche having broken RS integration.
    • Fixed redstone connectors not updating their colour.
    • Fixed a timestamp issue on Coresamples.
    • Fixed Tesla Coils deleting blocks on placement.
    • Fixed missing sounds for the Metal Press and other things.
    • Fixed the Charging Station having a broken mesh on the bottom.
    • Fixed Villagers trading MV wirecoils twice.
    • Fixed logic and effects for the Grunt Birthday Party achievement.
  • JourneyMap by techbrew (5.4.6 > 5.4.7)
    • Added a link to JourneyMap's Discord server.
    • Added a link to Privacy Notice.
    • Updated Wall of Fame for latest Patreon donors.
  • Mercurius by voltnincs (1.0.4 > 1.0.6)
    • Various bug fixes and minor improvements.
  • MrTJPCore by Mr_TJP ( >
    • No changelog was provided by the mod author.
  • Open Glider by (0.2.3 > 1.0.0)
    • Added air resistance to gliders, so you (slowly) slow down over time.
      • Different values for different glider tiers.
      • Also fixes mod interactions like slime string causing you to glide way faster than intended.
      • Fully configurable.
    • Greatly increased default durability.
    • Fixed changing items from glider not updating sprites.
  • Project Red - Base by Mr_TJP ( >
    • No apparent changes have been made (all PR modules get updated at the same time).
  • Project Red - Integration by Mr_TJP ( >
    • No apparent changes have been made (all PR modules get updated at the same time).
  • Project Red - Lighting by Mr_TJP ( >
    • No apparent changes have been made (all PR modules get updated at the same time).
  • Project Red - Mechanical by Mr_TJP ( >
    • Fixed item miscount for active requests.
  • Project Red - World by Mr_TJP ( >
    • No apparent changes have been made (all PR modules get updated at the same time).
  • Redstone Arsenal by TeamCoFH ( >
    • Energy values in tooltips now have commas.
    • Items now have full compatibility with Forge Energy.
  • Simply Jetpacks 2 by Tomson124 ( >
    • Added Thermal Expansion (and Thermal Dynamics) integration.
      • Tier 5 jetpack is not craftable yet, no armored versions yet, no Fluxpacks yet; those things will come soon.
      • Added textures for TE Jetpacks.
      • Included optional recipes when ThermalDynamics is not installed (instead of Fluxducts, Hardened Glass is required)
      • Config option is included to disable TE integration.
    • Tweaked config values for Fluxpacks a little bit.
    • Fixed mouse buttons not working for jetpack keybindings.
    • Fixed a crash when holding a Creative Capacitor Bank in your hand.
    • Fixed jetpacks not using energy while flying.
  • Sonar Core by Ollie_Lansdell (3.2.7 > 3.2.8)
    • Fixed some energy transfer issues in Flux Network (Ender IO Tank not sending/receiving right amounts).
  • Thermal Dynamics by TeamCoFH ( >
    • Improved the round-robin functionality.
    • Ducts will now properly connect to things which send energy but don't receive it in all cases.
    • Energy can now transfer seamlessly through Servos.
    • Some generators are stupid liars. Fluxducts now connect to these.
    • Added a temporary fix for Viaduct camera motion. Still working on it!
    • Fixed a corner case issue involving a race condition.
    • Retrievers work again.
    • Applied some optimization on the backend.
    • Filters are a bit better with non-traditional inventories now.
    • Fixed various corner cases with Long Range Viaducts.
  • Thermal Expansion by TeamCoFH ( >
    • Added support for the new Clathrate ores in TF.
    • Added Tinkers Construct integration.
    • Arboreal Extractor now better remembers what fluid it is creating.
    • New: Magma Crucible can now melt down Magma Blocks.
    • Stupid-proofed the Fluid Tank so that irresponsible blanket registry scans no longer crash.
    • Applied minor updates for optimization.
    • Did some optimization on the backend.
    • Block sounds now work again.
    • Fixed: Sawmill obeys OreDict once again.
    • Fixed various issues related to the Energetic Infuser.
  • Thermal Foundation by TeamCoFH ( >
    • Added new Blocks/Items: Ore Clathrates.
      • Implemented world generation for these, including crude oil. Check your /config/cofh/world folder for values!
      • Adjusted Clathrate breaking behavior.
  • TOP Addons by DrManganese (0.14.1 > 0.15.0)
    • Added Ice and Fire support (Dragon gender and stage).
    • Localized a lot of text.
    • Mod now uses TextStyleClasses for formatting so users can edit appearance.
    • Fixed a unbound orb related NPE in altar.
    • Removed Hatchery support.
  • UniDict by WanionCane (2.9 > 2.9b)
    • Fixed a crash with IC2 Classic.
  • Woot by Ipsis (1.4.0 > 1.4.1)
    • Added a config option to fully disable XP generation.
    • You can now sneak use XP shards to use full stack.
    • Blacklisted Heatscar Spiders from Natura.
    • Fixed the mod using some default values instead of user-defined values for some config settings.
    • Fixed doDaylightCycle=false support.

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