ForgeCraft: The Modpack

86,108 Downloads Last Updated: Sep 20, 2015 Game Version: 1.7.10



You've played their mods, you've watched their streams and YouTube videos - now play along with the same mods and configs as your favourite ForgeCrafters!


This is the only official pack for the modded ForgeCraft minecraft server. This will be updated frequently with the latest publicly available versions of the mods on ForgeCraft, and also includes our configs and map seed.


DISCLAIMER: This pack will not include ALL of the mods on the ForgeCraft server for various reasons (some mods are server only things, some mods are currently being tested and not public, etc). Also, we give no warranty that things are going to work perfectly at all times. So pretty much, it's like normal ForgeCraft :D


This pack contains the following mods by default:


This pack contains Fastcraft, by Player, enabled by default. Fastcraft enhances Minecraft with increased performance. Bug reports being made directly to Mod Authors should state Fastcraft is enabled.


Pack art by BigBadChris


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