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Minecraft Foregoing is a modpack in Minecraft 12.2 which does not include most of the "mainstream" mods. It wants you to play with every mod in this modpack by linking the mods in a progression line together.

You will be lead by the questbook and you will have optional paths to play through the pack.



Why I created this modpack:

In the past I played a lot of all purpose modpacks with 200+ mods like Modern Skyblock 2, FTB Beyond, FTB Infinity and so on. But with Minecraft 12 there are a lot of new mods that you don't even use in new big modpacks like All the mods 3. So my goal was to include mainly mods that I haven't played through yet. To complete this to an enjoyable pack I did add some basic mods like tc and immersive engineering and some end game mods like draconic evolution and mystical agriculture.

The second thought for this modpack was to bind together many of the mods. I played a lot of Modern Skyblock 2 where you have to always switch to different mods to achieve a goal in another mod and I liked that a lot.


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Server Files:


There is an official server where you are welcome to play on. However if you want to make your own server, you can find a download for server files on every update after version 0.10. To create a server run the forge[...].jar.



Fully integrated Mods:

- Actually Additions

- Advanced Generators

- Dark Utilities

- Embers

- Enderstorage

- Exchangers

- Immersive Engineering

- Open Computers

- Refined Storage

- Tinkers Construct (and Addons)

- Steve's Carts

- Waterstrainer



Partly intergrated Mods:

- /dank/null

- Astral Sorcery

- Avaritia

- Draconic Evolution

- Environmental Tech

- Flux Networks

- Industrial Foregoing

- Mystical Agriculture

- Nuclear Craft

- Pam's Harvestcraft

- Psi

- Quantum Storage

- Soulshards

- Techreborn

- Wizardry

- Woot

- X Net

Special Thanks To:

67ftyolo (67ftyolo#5052)

TrainzCS (TrainzCS#4911)