28 Downloads Last Updated: Feb 19, 2018 Game Version: 1.10.2

this modpack is my first attempt to really work within the configs and within a few of these mods in order to learn the skills ill need for some future goals of mine, and i figured i would see what feed back i could gather. mods include the following

i hope you guys enjoy it, and i would love to hear any feed back you may have.

I currently have it set so that the season, thirst and temperature modules of TAN are active, with some recipe changes to make the thermometer cheaper. The main deal I have set for game play is with the early game challenge that is provided not only with spice of life and TAN but also lycanites mobs. Once you get settled in you will notice that after eating a variety of food your health will increase, this is a little reward system I've set up as well although with the configs of SoL:CE.


As of the moment the pack is more adventure based with a number of magic and tech mods meant to aid in your journeys as you complete a series of tasks that have been laid out in the quest book. You'll have a lot of freedom for what you can do, from riding a wither around to causing massive explosions to creating infinite diamonds. There are also a number of creatures you can take and farm, all of which provide unique effects when their meat is eaten.


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