Fiefdom - Medieval Fantasy RPG

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Version 6.5 Release-  Affix Update- IMPORTANT-  if you are upgrading to 6.5 from a previous version, make sure you remove all coins from the pouch in existing worlds or you will lose them.


You have been bestowed a fief in a strange new world.   As lord of this fiefdom you are tasked as building and defending it in the name of your king!   Battle zombies, skeletons, trolls, orges and even DRAGONS!  

Fiefdom is an RPG survival modpack including thirst, hunger, experience/ leveling, magic and more based in a High Fantasy theme.    This Modpack gives you multiple ways to progress.  Will you become the town Hero?  Explore alternate dimensions?  Maybe learn the arts of Wizardry to defend your town? Sound like too much work?  Just hire enough guards and mercenaries to do the defensive work and farm and cook all day.   The possibilities are endless.  


Fiefdom includes the following RPG elements:

- Quests and Rewards-  over 9 extensive  quest lines that guide you through the mod of Fiefom.

- Balanced leveling system integrated across mods and equipment.  

- Over 70 custom Item Affixes on most craftable items.   No 2 Iron Swords or Armor are the same.

- Hundreds of Structures to explore and conquer

- Official Server with Seasons-  Earn Rewards and prizes for future seasons.

- Fully integrated economy system.  Coin is dropped from Monsters, collected from Chests and Quests and is used for Villager trading and hiring.

- Custom made progression to the END GAME.  You must journey far to complete the quests required to get to the End.  

- Custom Minecolonies Schematic- The Shire-  live your hobbit dream.

- Resource Pack with custom graphics across multiple mods.



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Questions, concerns and suggestions, can be directed to Discord:   




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