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Grab your sword, your hoe and your compass. Today is a new day, and there's much to do!

This pack has something for everyone. Start a farm, raise crops and animals, and sell your produce for gold. Spend gold to unlock new buildings and NPCs for your growing settlement, further expanding your options. Explore a vast open world for dangers and treasures. Mine deep underground for resources to craft powerful tools and equipment. Learn magic, complete quests, cook meals, build your base, travel to other dimensions and so much more. This is more than just a farming modpack, this is a modpack for those seeking a true Minecraft adventure. 



Main Modpack Features:

  • Start a farm which works similarly to Stardew Valley. Plant seeds, water your crops, and harvest them to sell for gold to spend in town.
  • Build a town as you progress, unlocking buildings and NPCS such as the general store, blacksmith, and cafe.
  • Enter the mining hill to brave monsters and mine ores used to upgrade your farming tools.
  • Collect recipes to cook a variety of meals to keep you going, and earn rewards as you collect more recipes.
  • Raise animals such as Chickens, Cows, and Sheep. Raise their happiness to receive more products to sell for gold.
  • Explore the world's endless cave systems to mine for ores to sell or upgrade your combat equipment
  • Explore the world to find dungeons filled with dangers and loot.
  • Learn magical spells by finding wizards towers, trading for spellbooks, and upgrading your wands
  • Seek out neighboring villages to unlock new teleports, as well as find new NPCs to trade with, become friends with, or even marry and start a family.

In this pack, you'll also find:

  • Enhanced movement systems to make exploration more enjoyable than ever before, including an improved auto-step, the ability to walk through leaves, faster swimming, intuitive gliders (like Breath of the Wild) and longer underwater breathing.
  • Clear, non-intrusive guidance. Right form the beginning of the game, the various systems, items, and modpack progression will be clearly explained through quests, guides, NPCs, and item descriptions.
  • A full questing system containing hundreds of quests in various categories which will encourage you to farm, fish, explore, fight, cook, decorate, town-build, and so much more!
  • A full Winemaking and Preserving system done through unlockable quests, which works similarly to Stardew Valley (put fruit in a barrel, wait, get wine out, sell it).
  • Hatchets from Harvest Festival have been updated to work with the Treecapitator mod, meaning they now have a special use, and are well-worth buying and upgrading at the blacksmith.
  • Expanded list of items which can be sold for gold, and new ways to sell items through the quest menu on a cooldown (to encourage varied gameplay and avoid grinding while keeping every resource useful).
  • Fully fleshed out combat system, including tons of dungeons, many armor and weapon tiers, simple utility and combat magic, re-balanced health upgrades through questing, and many new monsters (while still keeping the farm relatively peaceful).
  • Deep world exploration featuring new kinds of loot, new mobs, and much more to do in the Nether and End.
  • No exploration penalties. Leave your farm for a while without having to worry about your animals getting sick or dying. This has been disabled to allow more varied gameplay if you want to go explore the world.
  • More NPCs and relationship partners. The addition of Minecraft Comes Alive, as well as new systems to add their villagers to your village through quests, means you can form new relationships and even start a family.
  • Cosmetic upgrades such as Dynamic Surroundings, Ambient Sounds and Sound Filters.
  • Waystones which generate at spawn, in every village, and all around the world, making travel and re-location easier.






Planned Additions

  • New buildings and NPCs to add to your town, which serve new functions as merchants, quest-givers, helpers, etc.
  • More quests
  • Balancing and fixes based on community feedback
  • Potential 32x texture pack support for mods which do not currently have any (DokuCraft currently has support for many pf the key mods in this pack).
  • More structures in the world (smaller, more common villager settlements, abandoned farms, farming loot structures)
  • New thematic mobs (slimes, treasure goblins)
  • What would you like to see? Let me know in the comments!


If you experience lag or low FPS, dedicate more RAM to this modpack via the profile options in the Curse launcher (but not too much!).

if you continue to experience low FPS, the following mods are cosmetic and can be removed: Dynamic Leaves, Dynamic Surroundings, Sound Filters. 

This modpack is compatible with Optifine and shaders.



Implemented features from last update:

  • Full quest line to introduce players to Electrobob's Wizardry, as well as guide them through progression.
  • Many new structures which will generate in the world, featuring loot, mobs, NPCs and other content (to offset the number of purely decorative structures currently found while exploring). This should make exploration far more exciting.


Planned features for next update:

  • Overhaul all dungeon loot from the various dungeon mods to include more useful items from many mods (as opposed to a lot of bread and iron, as you'll currently find).
  • Add more world structures



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