480 Downloads Last Updated: Feb 4, 2018 Game Version: 1.12.2




This modpacks gives you the best experience by uniting the most popular and interesting mods available in their most stable versions. Some would call it a Egg-Laying-Wool-Milk-Sow (Eierlegende-Wollmichsau), which is a german phrase for a "Jack of all trades" and it is visible in the main-menu background image, also we do now have made a mod to represent the Egg-Laying-Wool-Milk-Sow ingame!

This modpack currently uses ~155 mods. 
This modpack will get updated only with the most stable versions of mods, also server-files are available. The server files use the All The Mods Team installer for an easy server installation.


As client use the Twitch-App, browse the Modpacks and youll find the current version of Fampack.
As server-admin you can just download the server-files, unpack them and run the containing ServerStart-Files, its a installation-script provided by the All The Mods Team.


Additional Mods

  • FoamFix-1.12.2-0.8.4-Anarchy (by asie)
  • Nutrition-1.12.2-2.6.0 (by WesCook)
  • WirelessCharger-1.3.0 (by ZLainSama)