Factorio: Chunk By Chunk +Online (OxMODPACK)

Create your own world chunk-by-chunk! Invent new chunk generation with modern Create techs and addons. Find new incredible structures and build most wholesome fabric on the world. Even online.

- ChunkByChunk (world generator)
- Alex's Caves

- Alex's Mobs

- Corail Tombstone
- Create
- Create: Big Cannons
- Create: Endertransmission
- Create: Factory Must Grow
- Create: Stuff And Additions
- Create: Teleporters
- Croptopia
- EasyFarms
- Goblin Traders
- Regions Unexplored
- Sophisticated Backpacks + Sophisticated Storage
- Supplementaries
- Underground Villages
.. and even more!

Also feel free to add any map/info mod as you wish to improve your gameplay.

- Complementary Reimagined