203 Downloads Last Updated: Jan 21, 2017 Game Version: 1.10.2

A small, Steampunk-Lovecraftian themed Minecraft modpack focused on allowing various styles of players to play their way. FableCraft is focused on providing various avenues of experiencing Minecraft for all ages of players. It has a self-imposed limit on the number of mods that can be included so that it performs well on older computers.



Players who love to homestead and build will find all new tools at their disposal. New types of blocks can be found across the land to provide just the right material for your build. New decorations and furniture provide the perfect finishing touches to your house. Farmers can find all new crops to grow and new food to cook up. Players who love to create clever ways to automate their Minecraft life will find new ways to do so.



Minecraft comes alive with the addition of new animals and creatures that populate the land. Leave the safety of your home and venture into the ruins, houses, and other structures that dot the countryside. Each new place can either provide valuable resources or a challenge to overcome. New dimensions can be accessed for those with the will to discover how to open a way to them. Even villages have new villagers to find and interact and trade with.



Become the hero that Minecraft deserves by building your own weapons and leading the charge against the dark forces in the world. New dungeons with powerful foes can be found, explored, and with a little luck give up their treasures. Protect the land against the growing forces of the Abyss and maybe find a way to carry the fight to them in their own home dimension. The End and the Nether have more surprises for the warriors willing to brave going there.




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