Evocation Reborn

864 Downloads Last Updated: Jul 5, 2019 Game Version: 1.12.2





This pack is in an beta state. So the pack is a kitchen sink pack right now but i will change that in the future.

You can expect many decoration mods, a wide variety of mobs and alot to explore.

Many dimensions await you with bosses and much stuff to loot.

This modpacks goal is to give you a rpg feeling where everything will be rewarded and you have to choose between alot of paths.

You have many choices of magic and building blocks.




Whats in the pack?

-150 mods

-Many magic mods with addons

-Alot to explore

More coming soon!



What does this modpack give to you?


I try too hold this pack as small as i can so it only has the mods that are realy needed.

The modpack should give small task like fishing a rewarding feeling.


I want to add mods that are not that popular in other mod packs but still are fun so even the most experienced player can maybe find something new.


The modpack isnt realy tech based and more an adventure style, but still has some tech mods in it to make some tasks easier.


I want to give the creative people who want to build alot of mods, so you can build with alot of  variety and creativity. So even the not adventurer can stay at their base and build.




This pack wants to give you the most fun time exploring and building while you do some progress in your mod of choice.




Coming soon


-Mod updates


-Quality Changes


Minimum of 6gb of ram is required!






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