I'm gonna mine like nobody's watching and craft like I skipped sleep. Why? Because Minecraft's latest update is out. I'm diving into so many new features, so many ways. Like the Nether Update with its fiery biomes and fearsome Piglins. Or, the Caves and Cliffs Update. Who knew that goats and axolotls could make such great companions? Whoever thought to add the copper block, that's who. With new items and blocks like these, I'm almost too excited to play! Hey, I said almost. Now that it's out, start mining and crafting while you still can.

Aite my lawyers tell me I have to disclose that we are not affiliated with Red Lobster™ and co.  and the initial paragraph is what we call a copy-pasta parody.  This pack has stuff to make the game a better experience, plushies, shrimp and performance improvements.