You wake up alone, disoriented, in a strange world.  You have no idea how you got here.  Nothing makes any sense...  What is that, there, hiding in the shadows?  This odd book says...  No... It can't be true... You can't really be... dead...


Welcome to Ethereal.


Surviving in this story-based modpack won't be easy, at least, not if you want to keep your sanity...  Research and explore in nine modded dimensions, fight extremely difficult bosses, tame and breed magical horses, all while trying to avoid the icy hand of Weeping Angels.  There are plenty of dungeons to test your fighting skills, lots of interesting mobs to meet, and more treasure to find than you can imagine.  Plus, there are exclusive structures to find on your journey.


This modpack is more magic and research based than techy, but there is a bit of tech involved.



Please use the default world type to ensure all biomes generate properly. 

Do not play on hardcore; you have been warned.


Feel free to upload this to a server for multi-play or upload videos of the pack on YouTube.  I do not claim the rights to any of the mods included in this pack.  All rights belong to the mod creators.


Mods included by author:


By adenisfun: The Heaven Mod

By asiekierka: FoamFix for Minecraft

By atomicstrykergrumpy: Ruins (Structure Spawning System)

By Azanor13: Baubles

By BlakeBr0: Cucumber Library, Mystical Agradditions, Mystical Agriculture

By BlayTheNinth: Crafting Tweaks, Default Options 

By brandon3055: Brandon's Core, Draconic Evolution, Project Intelligence, Tolkien Tweaks

By bre2el: FPS Reducer

By bright_spark: Mirage Orb

By cipher_zero_x: The Midnight

By Corail_31: Corail Tombstone 

By covers1624: CodeChicken Lib 1.8+ 

By csb987: jglrxavpok's Uncrafting Table, The No-Holds-Barred Halloween Mod: Back From The Dead

By DarkhaxDev: Wawla - What Are We Looking At 

By David_M1A2: Afraid of the Dark 

By DenBukki: Baublelicious 

By Dreadedwing93: The Creeping Nether 

By Drethis: Better Questing - Quest Book

By Electrolyte: Mystical Agriculture Tiered Crystals 

By EleC0TroN: End: Reborn 

By endergized: The Endergetic Expansion

By EpicSquid319: Mystic World, MysticalLib 

By Eracyhw: Edible Bugs 

By exidex: SwingThroughGrass

By FeldiM245: More Overlays 

By fish0016054: Fish's Undead Rising

By FlashFireEX: Spectrite 

By FoxMcloud5655: Draconic Additions

By Funwayguy: Better Questing, Better Questing - Standard Expansion, Ore Excavation, Realistic Item Drops 

By gigaherz: Eyes in the Darkness 

By GildedGames: The Aether 

By gizzyboy5: Dragon Baubles 

By GotoLink: stimmedcow: NoMoreRecipeConflict 

By gottsch: GottschCore, Treasure2! 

By GreataOrator: Tolkien Tweaks - Mob Edition 

By Guichaguri: BetterFPS 

By HeckinChloe: Bauble of Undying

By HyCraftHD: Halloween LuckyBlocks, U Team Core 

By ic_trab: Netherending Ores 

By ILikeMonsters1890: Ghostly 

By InsaneGames_: Natural Nether Portals, Vulcanite Ore

By Ivorforce: IvToolkit, Recurrent Complex

By Jackyy: No Auto Jump 

By JaredBGreat: Doomlike Dungeons 

By Jaredlll08: Clumps, Controlling, TipTheScales, WAIM- What am I missing? 

By jredfox_: Evil Notch Library 

By judacraz: Eetles Reborn 

By KaneApollo: Wings Horns & Hooves, the Ultimate Unicorn Mod 

By KidsDontPlay: BlockDrops (JEI Addon) 

By KingWealthyTurtle: Additional Compression

By KnightMiner: Ceramics 

By Kobata: Inventory Tweaks

By kroeser: Cyclops Core, EvilCraft

By Lemonszz: Simple Underground Biomes 

By LogicTechCorp: LibraryEx, NetherEx 

By Lorexe: Just Enough Pattern Banners

By Lothrazar: Cyclic, EmberRoot Zoo, Simple Storage Network

By Lykrast: Defiled Lands, Mystical Wildlife

By mangoose3039: Nether Chest 

By masady: Just Enough Dimensions

By mDiyo: Mantle

By mezz: Just Enough Items (JEI) 

By ModdingLegacy: Aether: Lost Content

By MoriyaShiine: Respawnable Pets

By olafskiii: Fast Leaf Decay

By P3pp3rF1y: Reliquary v1.3

By pamharvestcraft: Pam's BoneCraft, Pam's Clay Spawn, Pam's Spooky Tree

By paulevs: BetterNether

By plushiegamer1228: BloodForest

By ProxyNeko: Proxy's Lib, Spooky Biomes

By raptor4694: Aether Continuation

By Runemoro: JustEnoughIDs, VanillaFix

By Serilum: Just Mob Heads, Just Player Heads

By ShadowfactsDev: Shadowfacts Forgelin

By Shadows_of_Fire: ComPatchedStorage, FastFurnace

By Shinoow: AbyssalCraft, AbyssalCraft Heads, AbyssalCraft Integration

By skrallexy: SimpleCore API

By SnowShock35: JEI Integration

By super_fluke: Stygian End: Biome Expansion

By squeek502: AppleCore, AppleSkin, Waila Harvestability

By Swirtzly: Doctor Who - Weeping Angels

By TeamCoFH: Redstone Flux

By techbrew: JourneyMap

By TechnicianLP: ReAuth 

By TehNut: Hwyla

By Texalsaur: Chameleon, Storage Drawers

By TheCallunxz: Shadowrite

By TheIllusiveC4: Combustive Fishing, Comforts

By TheRealp455w0rd: Fence Jumper

By TheWeatherPony: Mo' Villages

By tiffit_: Sanity, TiffitLib

By tobyystrong: CompactStorage

By tommottom0: The Gem Mod

By traitor_art_16: Traitor's Better Swamplands Mod 

By Tschipp: Carry On

By tterrag1098: ConnectedTexturesMod

By UpcraftLP: Anvil Fix, CraftDev Core, SpookyCraft

By vadis365: The Erebus

By Vazkii_: Patchouli

By way2muchnoise: Better Advancements, Just Enough Resources (JER)

By workshopcraft: Simple Harvest

By YaLTeR: Mouse Tweaks

By Zeitheron: Bauble Shulker Boxes

By zeviath4n: Amethyst Tools