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This pack is still in early development. There will be a lot of future content updates including quests/advancements, new world generation, and more! Stay tuned!



In a world consumed by Chaos, only you can survive against the swarms of murder hornets, looming threat of student loans, and world eating goo! Fight back against 2020 from the comfort of Minecraft to survive. 



Escape from 2020 is a hardcore survival experience. Designed as a themed pack to introduce players to Minecraft's 1.16.4 version. In your arsenal, you'll see familiar mods and some new additions! This pack will be continuously updated as more mods become available. Tweaks and bugfixes will be completed on a regular basis as the pack grows. Created during a 7 day modpack marathon, this initial version serves as a foundation to explore new terrain in the latest version of modded Minecraft. 


Check out continuing development over at: