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An important announcement: The 2.0.0 update to the modpack contains significant changes to EVERYTHING, most notably the removal of quests and a handful of other mods, and the abandonment of my attempt to keep things lower-tech. I am going on a development hiatus for a time, and these changes were made for the official EC server. If you are unhappy with the changes in version 2.0.0, version 1.7.6 should be stable enough. The following description applies to version 1.7.6 of the modpack.


EnthusiastiCraft is a modpack that aims to deliver a fun, immersive experience for adventurers, builders, gardeners, and more! It's main focus keywords are: quality of life, aesthetic, exploration, reward, and performance.



The full modlist can be viewed on our Relations tab, or at the bottom of any of our changelogs.


It has a focus on performance and stability, as well as quality of life changes. It does recommend you allocate at least 8gb of RAM for the best experience. 8gb+ is recommended for a smooth experience.


Please keep in mind that this pack is in beta, and the modlist is subject to change. Please check the changelog before updating the pack, just in case.


You can find more screenshots under the "Images" tab above.



  • Add more quests.
  • Continue to polish mod integration.
    You can check out our Trello for more detailed information on what's in progress!


Feel free to ask here or on our discord!


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