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EkipageRL - Craftaria


EkipageMC - ModPack


What is EkipageMC ?

About Twenty of Bosses w/ Unique Attack Patterns & Animations

Hundreds of New Animals and Monsters
Hundreds of New Structures

No quests, lots of new armor and weapons, as well as dungeons and other structures by Idas and other mods. Many biomes have been added.
Create, Alex's Mobs, Naturalist, Biomes O' Plenty and more is included.

You can try this modpack in creative mode first, open your inventory and browse the mods to discover them.
You can also use the /locate command to see the proposed biomes and structures.

24+ Bosses:

There are 24+ Bosses to find, locate and slay, each with unique boss fights, animations and insane loot to show off for all your hard work!

Slay all 3 new Illager Raid bosses, decimate the Warden to unlock a key to a new dimension and free the Nether from the souls-like Ignis.



Explore the 10 dimensions all with custom structures, mobs, ores and adventures to get lost in with quests for each dimension.

Head to the Twilight Forest, find the underwater lab and enter the Panthalassa or take on the unique bosses in the Blue Skies worlds! 

(SkyVillage, BetterVillage, Idas, and more...)

Language: enUS / frFR and more.


Requirement : 

Video how to setup server soon..

To create your server:

If you have problems installing the server with forge, please download this version of java:


Beta v2.0 Requirement :

Video how to setup server soon..

You must: 

In the world/datapack folder you will find 4 datapacks.

- idasalexsmobs-1.7.0-1.19.2.json
- idasbop-1.6.0-1.19.2.json
- idasconfig-1.7.0-1.19.2.json
- intstrong_dungeonsmobs-1.0.0-1.18.2-1.19.2.json

A simple manipulation to do, rename the 4 .json files to .zip which should give this :


Once these datapacks are renamed, delete everything in the world folder (to generate a new world) except the datapack folder of course leaving only the datapack folder in the world folder with the 4 datapacks in .zip inside this folder.




Optifine compatible:

If you want to play this modpack with optifine, put it in \AppData\Roaming\.minecraft\mods and not in the mods folder of your server.


Resource Pack (if you see the incompatible pack in the game, don't worry it works perfectly):

And for cave:





There are many more structures, I wasn't going to put 100 screenshots.