eBic modpek

353 Downloads Last Updated: Sep 10, 2018 Game Version: 1.12.2

Over 100 mods, with tech and magic but also with exploration and tons of mobs.


If you like tech mods, you can focus on mods such as Industrial Craft 2 , and explore tons of machines and new items such as drills and very strong armor.


If you like magic mods, you can focus on mods such as Thaumcraft and Botania, allowing you to create some very cool magic related items, weapons and armor.


If you like exploration, you can focus on mods such as the Twilight Forest for example or any other dimension the modpack provides , there are also lots of mobs and cool structures and dungeons to be explored!


There aren't any quests in this modpack, the only goal is to have as much fun as possible!




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