Brothjer started out as a modpack that me and my friends compiled for our private server. This assortment of mods creates an extremely fun experience because of how many different possibilities you have and how your playstyle differentiates depending what direction you go.


What does this modpack offer?

  • Countless new structures.
  • Countless new mobs.
  • Beautiful terrain generation.
  • Sophisticated, yet simple and easy to learn tech.
  • Quests.

A few of the most gameplay changing mods we have are Create, Mekanism, Beyond Earth, and Farmer's Delight.


1) Install the Curseforge Launcher.

2) Choose Minecraft as a game.

3) Search for Brothjer under "Browse Modpacks".

4) Press the orange "install" button.

I'd recommend allocating around 6-8GBs of ram.


Please let me know if you experience any crashes, bugs or other problems.