865 Downloads Last Updated: Sep 22, 2019 Game Version: 1.12.2
This modpack is based on some stoneblock elements.

Typical for Stoneblock Modpacks, getting your resources is the first step.
Create the first Basic Resources using "Sky Resources 2", except ores.
Grow your ores with a completely re-adapted type of crystal growth.
The natural energy (from Embers) provides your machine series with RF.

There are 2 different storage systems possible:
- Simple Storage Network
- Applied Energistics 2 (Need Ember Energy)
As you advance, the more villagers (Tektopia) support you in generating resources.
Will you be able to build a thriving dwarven city in the underground? The quests will help you!

This Modpack is a Kitchen-Sink Modpack and built on resource-conserving. Ideal for weaker PCs.

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