Dungeons & Mineshafts: 5th Edition

"Complete Chaos Entertainment" presents "Dungeons & Mineshafts: 5th Edition!"

"Dungeons & Mineshafts: 5th Edition" sets out to turn Minecraft Java in to an expansive open-world adventure RPG. Inspired by "Dungeons & Dragons: 5th Edition."

-Choose a class and Origin to make your build unique.
-Earn experience points to increase your stats and become more powerful to take on the ever-growing world, your enemies will only get stronger as time goes on.
-Show your strength using a new combat system with proper attack combos and dodge rolling.
-Craft and loot many different types of weapons such as Scythes, Glaives, Katanas, Warhammers and more.
-Take on powerful boss fights. Every time they are defeated, you can bring them back again for a tougher fight.
-Play with your friends without the need of a Multiplayer Server.
-Earn your keep with the guild in villages and earn rewards.
-Discover untold magic and new powerful enchantments.
-Explore different dimensions and claim land as your own.
-Enjoy a new equipment system using Relics, Backpacks and new slots for Elytras and Shulker Boxes.
-Get started fast with our easy to follow, in game tutorial. (WIP.)

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Check out this Playthrough by OddmanMC!: