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Filename DDSS-6.3.zip
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Uploaded Oct 11, 2019
Game Version 1.12.2
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Patch 6.3 (+Server Pack)
Don't forget to Update your Questbook as well!

-Updated 14 Mods!
-Temporary downgraded Animania to 1.6.2 because of weird bugs when trying to create or pregen a new world. 
+ 20 New Quests to expand a bit Evilcraft
+ 17 new Overworld structures
+ 3 new end structures!
-Industrial Blast Furnace accepts now much more energy/t then before [up to three times the amount of RF per side]
-Reworked Rock Crystal Ore Recipe
-Reworked all weird fluid values from the various metals in all workshops.
       -> Example: Aquamarine requires 1000mb Lumium. New -> 1008mb (1008mb:144 = 7 Ingots)
-Reworked all EU2 Speed Upgrdes and moved to Engeneerins WS + Carpenter + Boost
-Reworked EU2 Stack Upgrade and moved to Engeneerins WS + Carpenter + Boost
-Reworked Imperfect Ritualstone to fit better into Questline [Bloodmagic]
-Reworked Incense Altar to fit better into Questline [Bloodmagic]
-Reworked Potentia Sphere to fit better into Questline [Evilcraft]

-Reworked Colossal Bloodchest to fit better into Questline [Evilcraft]
-Reblanaced Logic Director [Integrated Dynamics]
-Removed Brown Magic Trait from Osgloglas [has no effect on already built tools/weapons]
-Added recipes for Dense and Vacuum Itemducts to Carpenter + boosting recipe
-New Comb: Carbon Comb To produce up to 6x Carbon Dust, +Carbon Drops for liquifacted coal and Hard Carbon Fluid

-Fixed Signalum Exchanger recipe
-Fixed Enderium Exchanger recipe
-Removed weird Milk-Oredict entries for all the Fluid - Buckets

-A bunch of minor Quest-text and reward fixes
-03 New Quests in: Black Magic Tier 1
-17 New Quests in: Black Magic Tier 2

Updated Mods:
-Corail Tombstones
-FTB Library
-FTB Utils
-Ice&Fire Dragons

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DD&SS Serverfiles 6.3 437.95 MB Oct 11, 2019

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