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Filename DDSS-6.2.zip
Uploaded by Freebi85
Uploaded Oct 4, 2019
Game Version 1.12.2
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Patch 6.2 (+Server Pack)
Don't forget to Update your Questbook as well! --> /bq_admin default load

-Updated 12 Mods!
-Ice&Fire made dragons much more aggressive
-Tons of fixes for the Ice&Fire mod [read more below]
-Rock Crystal ore no longer spawn in overworld and need to be crafted in the Luminous Table or optional with VoidOreMiners T2-T6. Quests adjusted [Only important for new worlds and new loaded chunks]

Quality of Life changes:
-Storage Cabinets and hoppers will now interact [thx to AshIndigo]

-Vanilla recipes in Artisan Workshops no longer "void" Artisan tools [thx to codetaylor!]
-Charged Certus Quartz has no longer same oredict entry like regular certus quartz

Fixes from the Ice&Fire Team:
-Decreased lag caused by dragon and sea serpent models
-Fixed dragon breath not dealing damage
-Fixed servers constantly spewing “moved too fast” and “moved wrongly” when on riding a hippogryph or dragon
-Fixed dragons constantly walking in circles
-Fixed dragon horn texture changing when blinking
-Fixed mod particles not obeying settings
-Fixed pixie particle lag
-Fixed dragons not making fire particles while breathing at Dragon Forges
-Fixed dragons moving while sitting
-Fixed dragons not breaking blocks
-Fixed mod axes not being considered axes
-Fixed cockatrices not teleporting to owner
-Fixed dragons moving on chunk reload
-Fixed dragon escorts not flying when far away enough
-Fixed Tide Trident glitching out in the world
-Fixed male dragon skeletons showing wing patterns
-Fixed entity without data cap crash
-Fixed shoulder-riding baby dragons dismounting when rider dismounts
-Fixed not being allowed to have 2 or 3 baby dragons on shoulder
-Fixed sea serpents opening their jaws too far
-Fixed flame and frost lillies randomly breaking
-Fixed crash when punching troll
-Fixed amphithere babies having random colors
-Fixed tamed pixies blocking dragon attack
-Fixed flying myrmex royals not attacking
-Fixed dragon strike and hippogryph strike hurting tamed mobs
-Fixed myrmex swarm crash
-Fixed pixie jars crashing on servers
-Fixed flying mobs falling into the void and not flying
-Fixed dragons ascending at a 90 degree angle
-Fixed ice dragons constantly flying upwards
-Fixed dragons falling at a 90 degree angle
-Fixed floating ice dragon skeletons
-Fixed trolls spawning and suffocating instantly
-Fixed death worm packet crash
-Fixed myrmex swarmers not attacking
-Fixed stone statues and trolls turning invisible when broken
-Fixed dragonsteel leggings being stronger than dragonsteel chestplate
-Fixed hippogryphs not laying eggs on server
-Fixed dragonbone arrows in Tinkers Construct not splitting into 3 different arrows
-Fixed Tinkers Blizzard and Inferno modifiers not being exclusive
-Fixed dragon flight limit being locked at 1024
-Fixed universal bucket console spam
-Fixed pixies and amphitheres not working with Respawning Pets mod
-Fixed some bestiary grammar mistakes
-Fixed numerous other small bugs

-Reworked Rock Crystal Ore Quest

Updated Mods:
-Ice&Fire Dragons
-Storage Cabinets

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