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Filename DDSS-6.4b.zip
Uploaded by Freebi85
Uploaded Nov 16, 2019
Game Version 1.12.2
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Patch (Hotfix) 6.4b (+Server Pack)
Don't forget to Update your Questbook as well!

Included in 6.4a/b:
-Downgraded Artisan Worktables to 1.22.10
-Downgraded Artisan Integrations to 1.0.0
-->Different Workshop GUI's especially the Blacksmith one, was laggy as hell when used with 3 Artisan tools at the same time.
-Enderdragon shouldn't become Infernal anymore
About Better Questing Party Sync:
Party synchronization was intentionally changed by the mod author in the last versions to fix some exploits.
A detecting task dosen't sync anymore if those players aren't online and in the party at the time of detection. You can't have offline people doing nothing, or new members earn progress they weren't present for. Inform all your Minecraft buddys about this because this change affects all modpacks that are updated frequently.

-Updated FTB Utils [Will now display a warning that sponge is installed instead of removing /ranks command]
-Downgraded CorailsTombstone
-Downgraded Natures Compass
-Reworked a bunch of CorailTombstone Recipes
-Rebalanced Personal Nanobots
-Fixed Variable Card from Integrated Dynamics [can be copied and cleard again in a crafting grid]
-Fixed a bunch of Questtext issues
-The maximum number of spawning mobs during a bloodmoon was reduced for performance


Patch 6.4:
-Animania can't be updated to latest version because all the animals dosen't spawn in non vanilla biomes. Not sure if this will ever be fixed for 1.12.
-Updated Forge to latest Version!

-Updated 34 Mods!
-Fixed or Added 32 Github Requests/Issues
-New sealable glasses for Galacticraft Spacestations:
-----Managlass (Block and pane) [Botania]
-----Alfglass (Block and pane) [Botania]
-----Obscured Glass [Evilcraft]
-----Glowing Glass [EU2]
-----Thickened Glass [EU2]
-New Plushie: Professor Membrane which can be found in dragon lairs and cyclops caves! [Patreon Reward for kskoba <3]
-Enrichment Chamber can convert now any kind of cobble (Underground Biomes) to vanilla cobble.
-Enrichment Chamber can convert now any kind of gravel (Underground Biomes) to vanilla gravel.
-Enrichment Chamber can convert now any kind of stone (Underground Biomes) to vanilla stone.
-Liquid Neon can now be extracted from Rockhounding setups
-Additional recipe for Red Alloy Ingots (redstone essence and iron essences) + additional recipe with essences and ingots
-Reworked Eletrotin Ingots through Mystcal essences + additional recipe with essences and ingots
-Improved Electrotin Dust output through Mystical essences
-New and cheaper recipes for Infused Silicon, Electro Silicon and Energized Silicon [Indusction Smelter and various Alloy Smelters]
-New Creative Item: Draconic Evolution Exchachnger [Can Dupe Blocks]
-Reworked Extra Utilitis Creative Wand [a bit cheaper because it's basically an unbreakable builders wand with a very long range]
-Simplyfied all Drum recipes [Extra Utilitis]
-Added a Carpenter Recipe for Grog [+boosting mixture]
-Reworked Compressor [Tech Reborn]
-Balanced a bunch of Pneumaticcraft crafting components
-Reworked and "fixed" Vertical Digger to match better into quest progression
-Removed Pavlova Cake recipe because it is not recognized by the system (and removed from Food Book as well)
-All kind of pams seeds are now also obtainable through bashing tall grass
-Moved a bunch of meals to the Kitchen Workshop
-New Bee Comb: Illumination Comb --> Illumination Powder (+boost recipe) / Small pile of glowstone / Luminessence
-Reworked Powdery Comb --> Gunpowder (+boost recipe) / Niter / Cocoapowder
-Balanced Corrupted Chorus Fruit and moved to Kitchen Workshop
-Reworked Luquid Hopper [Pneumaticcraft]
-Reworked Purifier [EvilCraft]
-Reworked Flat Transfer Nodes [Eu2]
-Unified Growth Accelerator recipe
-Reworked Logic Cables [Integrated Dynamics]
-Reworked Variable Card [Integrated Dynamics]
-Reworked Indutrial Electrolyzer to match better into quest progression [TechReborn]
-Added milk bottle recipes to Fluid Transposer and Fluid Infuser
-Added Salt-Dust form Saltblocks recipes to all Pulverizer, Crusher, Grinder etc.
-Added Meteorite Cobble Block to T4, T5 and T6 Void Ore Miners
-Less lumium costs for Signalum Plated Ducts
-Increased Prime Pendant blood ccosts to 2k Blood/tick [Connected blood-network required]
-Additional recieps with a better output for Project Red Coils in the rolling machine
-Reworked ME Interface bc too expensive [AE2]
-Rebalanced P2P Tunnel bc too expensive [AE2]
-Tinkers Construct Expanders can be shapeless convertet to their counterpart (Horizontal/vertical)

-Fixed Crystal Cluster recipe and JEI visibility
-Fixed when Items gets deleted in Artisan tables when retrieving craft results with right-click [thx to Codetaylor]
-Using JEI to transfer a small recipe into a large Artisn Workshop results in a mess of items in the table [thx to Codetaylor]
-Fixed a Crash in Workshops when using vanilla recipes with crafttweaker scripts [thx to Codetaylor]
-Removed /home from Cyclic to not override /home from FTB Utils
-Inserting more than one Blood Cell in Blood Infuser causes no longer Cells to disappear [thx to mcwnuq]
-Fixed a dupe in Chisel
-Fixed a bunch of dupes with the Induction Smelter
-Fixed Celery Soup and Potato Soup
-Removed unused config files [thx to Rhino]
-Added Zoesteria Coconuts to coconut Ore Dictionary
-Added Zoesteria Date to Date Ore Dictionary and fixed broken name
-Fixed a Bonemeal dupe
-Fixed required Lumium amount for various fluxducts [Workshop + Carpenter]
-Fixed required Lumium amount for quadruple batteries [Workshop + Carpenter]
-Fixed required Lumium amount for Hourglass [Workshop]
-Fixed all problems with the Wither Minions AI [by ProgressiveBosses]

-The Refined Glowstone / Refined Obsidian Questline is no longer a required mainpath to reach the End dimension quest [Ores Alloys & Smeltery T2]
-Fixed Okra Quest
-Fixed Meteorite Cobble Quest
-Fixed Quest Rewards: "Pam's Harvestcraft Sapling Bundle #7" [thx to Scheills]
-Fixed Quest: "Superium Arrows"
-1x New Kitchen Workshop Quest
-3x New Black Magic Tier 2 Quest

Better-Questing Fixes from Funnywayguy:
-Fixed quest progress in LAN SMP not saving, de-syncing and breaking all manner of behaviours
-Fixed party invite list not updating properly resulting in overlapped buttons and text
-Fixed expired invites not being cleared from the client side
-Fixed chapter sort order not syncing properly
-Fixed Negative Cooldowns for repeatable quests

Updated Mods:

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Filename DDSS Serverfiles 6.4b.zip
Uploaded by Freebi85
Uploaded Nov 16, 2019
Game Version 1.12.2
Size 438.22 MB
Downloads 1,512
MD5 da836a96274bf40f17973c6ca09d6ce7


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