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Dungeons & Diamonds Create

This is a modpack includes a variety of Minecraft: Create based mods including the Create mod itself aswell as additions to expand on it such as Create: Stuff & Additions, Create: Enchantment Industry, and even Farmer's Delight and Neapolitan mod.


Another fun featured mod includes the Origins mod, allowing you to pick from 9 races at the start of the game for anyone who wants to play this popular game with a challenging new perspective, as well as 13 Origins: Classes to give you bonuses in a profession to take advantage of depending on how you play the game varrying from a cleric with boosted enchantment and better potions to an archer with more accurate projectiles or a rancher who could breed twins from their animals and collect more loot from their drops.


A few pluggins are also included to make gameplay smoother and more cohesive with these mods as well as "slice of life" that just make the game more satisfying to play like faster decaying trees, and JEI (Just Enough Items).



//note, I will update this description with a list within a day. I will resubmit then aswell. Please be patient with me in the meantime, and thank you.