Dude Where's My Blocks?

90,953 Downloads Last Updated: Jan 13, 2016 Game Version: 1.7.10


You wake up in a world that seems similar. Slowly as the sun rises you find yourself abandon out in the middle of nowhere... You're not really sure what happened or how you ended up here but your head is incredibly sore.


Slowly you rise to your feet and it's a struggle, its almost as if you forgotten how things work. You move over to a large object that you can't quite recall what the name of it is... As you reach out to touch it it suddenly strikes you it's a tree! Simple ideas fill your mind of making crude tools but it seems to be tainted by other ideas that don't make sense! As you wander around you pick up more and more objects and gain more knowledge that you thought you knew. Still as it expands things just seem off... Objects turning into other objects that don't match the inability to know what's being made from something starts to make you angry. Finally after far too long you get something you have an extremely faint memory of. Pickaxes!


One of your favorite past times memories come back. Digging always helped make better objects! As you begin to dig you keep hearing these terrible noises like someone gave a baby villager a noteblock and mobs that don't exist around you. The sounds get louder as you get deeper and your sanity is being questioned. You find an ore but not one that triggers any memories. You bring it back and try to make something with it but it just falls apart. Oddly you still can't figure it out what's going on and the ache in your head is never stopping. It seems to have an effect on your ability to remember things... 


Dude Where's my Blocks is an extremely silly and "broken" modpack. Random is king and craziness will drive you mad. Expect to crash, Die, and get mad.


NOTE: Please do not report crash logs to other developers!



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