Dragon's Cave

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Dragon’s Cave is a large general-purpose pack focused on freestyle play with a balanced approach to magical and technological progression with a unique mix of mods to provide an interesting and dangerous world to explore full of numerous monsters and creatures to fight and tame.

We have spent a great deal of time balancing and tweaking items and recipes to lessen bugs, conflicts and just general broken items from ruining your gameplay experience all of which can be easily turned on and off in scripts.

Recommended world type is "quark_realistic", the pack is built and balanced around it.


This pack is quite large at least 8 GB of RAM is recommended.


  • Realistic world generation with interesting structures.
  • Freestyle oriented game play (not too easy/not too hard).
  • A good balance between Magic and Tech mods.
  • Loads of decorative blocks to vary up your builds.
  • Lots of unique and interesting mobs.
  • Single and Multiplayer focused.
  • Lots of dimensions to explore.
  • Hardcore Darkness.
  • Quality of life tweaks.
  • Create unique and interesting RPG worlds with Custom NPC's.


Q: How do I enable/disable mod tweaks?

In your install folder open up the file in a text editor “scrips/DragonsCaveRecipes.zs”.

At the top of the file under the heading “Items Disabled for Multiplayer Balance and Security” find the mod you would like to enable or disable and change its value to “true” or “false”.

Mod List

AbyssalCraft [v1.9.6] (Shinoow)

AbyssalCraft Integration [v1.8.1] (Shinoow)

Additional Structures [v2.2.2] (XxRexRaptorxX)

Advanced Generators [v0.9.20.12] (bdew)

Advanced Rocketry [v1.5.0 - 139] (zmaster587)

AE2 Stuff [v0.7.0.4] (bdew)

AppleSkin [v1.0.9] (squeek502)

Applied Energistics 2 [rv6 stable6] (AlgorithmX2)

ArchitectureCraft - ElytraDev Version [v3.80] (darkevilmac)

Armor Stand Configurator [v1.0.4] (csb987)

Astral Sorcery [v1.10.15] (HellFirePvP)

AutoRegLib [v1.3.26] (Vazkii)

Backpacks [v3.0.2] (Eydamos)

Baubles [v1.5.2] (azanor)

BdLib [v1.14.3] (bdew)

Better Advancements [v0.1.0.77] (Way2muchnoise)

Better Builder's Wands [v0.13.2.271] (Portablejim)

BetterFps [v1.4.8] (Guichaguri)

BiblioCraft [v2.4.5] (JDSinclair)

Biomes O' Plenty [v7.0.1.2419] (Glitchfiend)

BiomeTweaker [v3.2.354] (superckl)

BiomeTweakerCore [v1.0.39] (superckl)

Blood Arsenal [v2.1.0] - 26 (Arcaratus)

Blood Magic [v2.4.0] - 102 (WayofTime)

Bonsai Trees [v1.1.2] - b144 (Davenonymous)

Botania [r1.10 - 361] (Vazkii)

Botaunomy [v0.2.1] (theoneandonlyflexo)

Chameleon [v4.1.3] (jaquadro)

Chicken Chunks 1.8.+ [v2.4.1.73] (covers1624)

Chisel [v0.2.1.35] (tterrag1098)

Chunk-Pregenerator [v2.1] (Speiger)

Clumps [v3.1.2] (jaredlll08)

CodeChicken Lib 1.8.+ [v3.2.2.353] (covers1624)

CoFH Core [v4.6.2.25] (TeamCoFH)

CoFH World [v1.3.0.6] (TeamCoFH)

Comforts [v1.4.1.1] (theillusivec4)

Common Capabilities [v2.2.0] (kroeser)

ConnectedTexturesMod [v0.3.3.22] (tterrag1098)

Controlling [v3.0.6] (jaredlll08)

Cosmetic Armor Reworked [v4a] (ZLainSama)

CraftTweaker [v4.1.17] (jaredlll08)

CreativeCore [v1.9.43] (CreativeMD)

Custom Backgrounds [v1.1.1] (lumien231)

Custom Main Menu [v2.0.9] (lumien231)

Custom NPCs [30Jan19] (Noppes)

Cyclops Core [v1.1.1] (kroeser)

Deep Resonance [v1.7.6] (McJty)

Default Options [v9.2.8] (BlayTheNinth)

Dimension Rules [v1.1] (lumien231)

Doggy Talents [v1.14.2.438] (Percivalalb)

Earthworks [v1.3.6] (Alsnder)

ElecCore [v1.9.452] (Elec332)

Embers Rekindled [v1.13-hotfix2] (BordListian)

Enchiridion [v3.3.4] (joshiejack)

Ender IO [v5.0.43] (CrazyPants_MC)

Ender IO Endergy [v5.0.43] (tterrag1098)

Ender IO Zoo [v5.0.43] (Henry_Loenwind)

Ender Storage 1.8.+ [v2.4.5.135] (covers1624)

EnderCore [v0.5.57] (tterrag1098)

Engineer's Doors [v0.8.0] (Nihiltres)

Environmental Materials [v1.0.20.1] (ValkyrieofNight)

Environmental Tech [v2.0.20.1] (ValkyrieofNight)

EqualDragons [v1.1] (TechnicianLP)

ET Lunar [v2.0.20.1] (ValkyrieofNight)

Extra Utilities [v1.9.9] (RWTema)

ExtraCells2 [v2.6.2a] (Destroyer7128)

Fairy Lights [v2.1.5] (pau101)

Familiar Fauna [v1.0.11] (Glitchfiend)

FastWorkbench [v1.6.1] (Shadows_of_Fire)

Fence Overhaul [v1.3.4] (The_WeatherPony)

FoamFix for Minecraft [v0.10.5] (asiekierka)

Forestry [v5.8.2.387] (SirSengir)

Forge MultiPart CBE [v2.6.1.81] (covers1624)

FTB Library [v5.4.1.96] (FTB)

FTB Utilities [v5.4.0.93] (FTB)

FTB Utilities: Backups [v1.0.0.3] (LatvianModder)

Garden Stuff [v2.1.1] (jaquadro)

Good Ol' Currency [v1.3.9] (BeardlessBrady)

Grue [v1.4.0] (Shinoow)

Guide-API [v2.1.8-63] (TehNut)

Hardcore Darkness [v2.0] (lumien231)

Horse Power [v2.6.3.72] (Gory_Moon)

Ice and Fire: Dragons in a whole new light! [v1.7.1] (alex1the1666)

Immersive Cables [v1.3.2] (SanAndreasP)

Immersive Engineering [v0.12-89] (BluSunrize)

Immersive Petroleum [v1.1.9] (theFlaxbeard)

Immersive Tech [v1.3.10] (ferroo2000)

Industrial Foregoing [v1.12.11-235] (Buuz135)

Integration Foregoing [v1.9] (Jacky1356400)

Inventory Tweaks [v1.63] (Kobata)

Iron Chests [v7.0.59.842] (progwml6)

ItemZoom [v1.11] (mezz)

IvToolkit [v1.3.3] (Ivorforce)

JourneyMap [v5.5.4] (techbrew)

Just a Few Fish [v1.7] (Tmtravlr)

Just Enough Items (JEI) [v4.15.0.268] (mezz)

Just Enough Resources (JER) [v0.9.0.53] (Way2muchnoise)

KleeSlabs [v5.4.11] (BlayTheNinth)

LibVulpes [v0.4.0-54] (zmaster587)

LLibrary [v1.7.18] (iLexiconn)

LunatriusCore [v1.2.0.42] (Lunatrius)

MalisisAdvert [v6.1.0] (Ordinastie)

MalisisBlocks [v6.1.0] (Ordinastie)

MalisisCore [v6.5.1] (Ordinastie)

MalisisDoors [v7.3.0] (Ordinastie)

MalisisSwitches [v5.1.0] (Ordinastie)

Mantle [v1.3.3.49] (mDiyo)

McJtyLib [v3.1.1] (McJty)

Mekanism [v9.7.1.371] (aidancbrady)

Mekanism Tools [v9.7.1.371] (aidancbrady)

Missing Pieces [v4.3.0] (sboy205)

MmmMmmMmmMmm [v1.14] (bonusboni)

Mo' Villages [v1.5.4] (The_WeatherPony)

Mod Name Tooltip [v1.10.0] (mezz)

ModTweaker [v4.0.17] (jaredlll08)

Morpheus [v3.5.106] (Quetzi)

Mouse Tweaks [v2.10] (YaLTeR97)

Mowzie's Mobs [v1.5.4] (BobMowzie)

MrTJPCore [v2.1.3.35] (Mr_TJP)

MTLib [v3.0.6] (jaredlll08)

MultiStorage [v1.4.13] (ShetiPhian)

NetherPortalFix [v5.3.17] (BlayTheNinth)

Nibbler [v0.4.1] (theoneandonlyflexo)

Not Enough Items 1.8.+ [v2.4.2.240] (covers1624)

NotEnoughIDs [v1.5.4.4] (fewizz)

OnlinePictureFrame [v1.4.23] (CreativeMD)

OpenBlocks [v1.8.1] (OpenMods)

OpenComputers [v1.7.4.153] (SangarWasTaken)

OpenFM [v0.1.0.19] (MichiyoRavencroft)

OpenModsLib [v0.12.2] (OpenMods)

OpenSecurity [v1.0-23] (MichiyoRavencroft)

Placebo [v1.6.0] (Shadows_of_Fire)

PneumaticCraft: Repressurized [v0.9.4-1] (desht)

Pressure Pipes [v1.3.1.6] (bdew)

Pretty Beaches [v1.0.4] (BlayTheNinth)

Project Red - Base [v4.9.1.92] (Mr_TJP)

Project Red - Compat [v4.9.1.92] (Mr_TJP)

Project Red - Fabrication [v4.9.1.92] (Mr_TJP)

Project Red - Integration [v4.9.1.92] (Mr_TJP)

Project Red - Lighting [v4.9.1.92] (Mr_TJP)

Project Red - Mechanical [v4.9.1.92] (Mr_TJP)

Project Red - World [v4.9.1.92] (Mr_TJP)

Quark [r1.5-146] (Vazkii)

Quick Leaf Decay [v1.2.4] (lumien231)

Random Things [v4.2.7.1] (lumien231)

RandomPatches [v1.15.0.2] (TheRandomLabs)

ReAuth [v3.6.0] (TechnicianLP)

Recurrent Complex [v1.4.8.2] (Ivorforce)

Redstone Arsenal [v2.6.2.17] (TeamCoFH)

Redstone Flux [v2.1.0.6] (TeamCoFH)

Refined Relocation 2 [v4.2.35] (BlayTheNinth)

Resource Loader [v1.5.3] (lumien231)

RFTools [v7.61] (McJty)

RFTools Dimensions [v5.64] (McJty)

Rope Bridge [v2.0.7] (LordCazsius)

Rustic [v1.1.0] (mangoose3039)

SecretRoomsMod [v5.6.4] (AbrarSyed)

Serene Seasons [v1.2.15] (Glitchfiend)

Server Tab Info [v1.2.4] (black_dog20)

Shadowfacts' Forgelin [v1.8.2] (shadowfactsmc)

ShetiPhianCore [v3.5.9] (ShetiPhian)

Signpost [v1.08] (Gollorum)

Simple Dimensions [v1.3.1] (lumien231)

Soot [v1.6] (BordListian)

SplashAnimation [v0.2.1] (asiekierka)

Stargate Network [v1.20.3] (dockter)

Storage Drawers [v5.3.8] (jaquadro)

Tails [v1.10.0] (KitsuneKihira)

Tesla Core Lib [v1.0.15] (Face_of_Cat)

Thaumcraft [v6.1.BETA26] (azanor)

Thaumic Inventory Scanning (Thaumcraft Addon) [v2.0.10] (BlayTheNinth)

Thaumic JEI [v1.5.8-26] (Buuz135)

The Lost Cities [v2.0.17] (McJty)

The One Probe [v1.4.28] (McJty)

Thermal Cultivation [v0.3.2.11] (TeamCoFH)

Thermal Dynamics [v2.5.4.18] (TeamCoFH)

Thermal Expansion [v5.5.3.41] (TeamCoFH)

Thermal Foundation [v2.6.2.26] (TeamCoFH)

Thermal Innovation [v0.3.2.11] (TeamCoFH)

Thut's Elevators [v6.1.5] (patnevis)

ThutCore [v5.19.9] (patnevis)

Tinker I/O [rw2.7.1] (gkbm2011)

Tinkers Construct [v2.12.0.135] (mDiyo)

Tinkers' Complement [v0.3.2] (KnightMiner)

TipTheScales [v1.0.4] (jaredlll08)

Toast Control [v1.8.0] (Shadows_of_Fire)

TOP Addons [v1.11.0] (DrManganese)

Totemic [v0.11.5] (ljfa)

UniDict [v2.9.2] (WanionCane)

ValkyrieLib [v2.0.20.1] (ValkyrieofNight)

WanionLib [v2.2] (WanionCane)

Woot [v1.4.10] (Ipsis)

WorldEditCUI Forge Edition 2 [v2.2.0] (hexosse)

YABBA [v1.1.2.48] (LatvianModder)



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