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Project DragonMire

"A Universe full of possibilities and dimensions, build your own community anywhere in any dimension. Magic and enchantments help your villagers to survive any kind of environment. Sail across the horizon in your very own flying ship or find despair in the deepest, darkest dungeon. Beware of village raiders and deadly dragons hoarding their treasure.




Life building, Exploration, RPG and Adventure

This pack mainly focuses on building, gathering resources, upgrading buildings and trying to survive alone or looking for adventure. 



This pack can be as casual or as challenging as you wish. Build your own thriving town, with impregnable fortresses, a nordic settlement or even small fishing villages. On the other hand it's challenging dungeons and dimensions will enhance your gameplay to greater heights.



  • Amazing creatures
  • Dragons.....
  • Interactable objects, ever wanted to sit down or watch tv?
  • Multi-difficulty dimensions
  • 11th Century music and items 
  • Take to the wind
  • Train Great Beasts
  • Build Great Cities
  • Trains…

And More….



Choose your build style from many different options and with many interactable objects.

Add immersive lights! Varying from simple candles and lanterns, to hanging lights and lamps

Immersive windows, roofs, gutters and even bridges for all your realistic buildings, even some for interesting mob designs

New furniture: wardrobes, nightstands, tables, bookshelves, cupboards that can all be used

Storage drawers provide functionality and good looking storage blocks.

New building materials from Quark: limestone, slate, jasper, midori, biotite, colored wood and many more

New chests for every type of material. Collect them all!



Tired of having stuff everywhere, well you now have more options than ever!!

  • Iron Backpacks
  • Expandable Inventory
  • Storage drawers
  •  Chest upgrades
  • Applied energetics for mass storage and remote access.
  • Sort and organize your storage with Simple Storage Network mod.
  • Even the ability to click and find an item with (FindMe)



  • general overworld surface additions and improvements 
  • Increased mobs variety hostile and peaceful
  • new overhauled mine shafts and dungeons
  • better caves networks
  • better strongholds
  • underground villages

➕ and even more:


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