Dragon MIneventures

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Explore the fast open world of minecraft With 50+ mods and many dangers that come along with it, This mod pack brings you back to the old barbarian times where fantasy is reality. It will be quite a challenge so make sure your geared up and ready To face this challenge, There are multiple ways to enhance your experience and it’s all up to you the player to choose how you want to do it.




This mod pack main features are


-Magic, acquire spells, use the spells with a wand, fight wizards, craft armor to help with magical adventures.


-Dragons, ride/tame dragons by going out into the world and finding dragon eggs hatch them to get your very own dragon pet.


-Tech, such as automated mines, setup an automated mining system to save you lots of time.


-better environments, Explore the land to discover cool and unique biomes that contain helpful resources.

-Dungeons, Go out and find dungeons through the world explore and defeat the dungeon to get amazing loot that could better help you on your adventures.


-Bosses, Explore dungeons and structures through the world to encounter bosses but you better be prepared because they are not easy to defeat.

-Better Nether, Adventure into the dangerous nether to find all sorts of ores and weird structures left behind by the Pigman that rule these lava filled lands.

and much much more, and it’s all for you to discover, And the best way to do so is to go out and explore, Have fun and good luck!