Unfold your magnificent combat spirit on this Dragon Block modpack, wich his primary objective is to give you a fun time and an expanded Dragon Ball Story, wich includes DBZ to DBS stories.

Fight Vegeta, Frieza and even Buu and Jiren on this modpack. Try to learn the kamehameha to beat up your foes! Unleash the true power of the genkidama against your enemies if you're in difficulty, unleash the rage that is inside yourself and transform into a Super Saiyan! Be more powerful with this Dragon Ball modpack, and become a great Z Fighter!

All the stages of the Super Saiyan, including the SSJ2, SSJ3, SSJ4, SSG, SSGSS(SSB) UE and UI/MUI

Amazing skills among which the marvelous Kamehameha, Final Flash, and the powerful Spirit Bomb

Almost all the characters from the main series, among which Goku, Vegeta and even Whis

Original Dragon Ball Story that traces the history of Dragon Ball starting from the first series up to Dragon Ball Super from your point of view