Dogma: 2nd Gen

8,416 Downloads Last Updated: Apr 22, 2019 Game Version: 1.12.2
A straw poll was held recently on the community Discord:
The results showed that of the majority.
While going to 1.14 held the highest percentage individually.
Dogma held the highest percentage overall.
Because Dogma was made a year and 12 days ago,
I believe we can all agree that; there are likely more improvements that need to be had than just basic bug fixes.
So, of the 2 choices between Bug fixes and Complete overhaul
We will be choosing Complete Overhaul.
The main theme of conflict and chaos in war will still be the overall encompassing idea.
But, we will be elevating the conflict to the "deep space"
While the conflict on the planet is of great consequence
it appears there are other places, where other conflict may yet reap the same consequence.
And so you must act.
Everything revolves around your ability to adapt.
How you adapt, determines your progression.
Where you adapt, is your choice.
If you adapt, is up to you.

I will be disabling comments and suggest all:
Go to the Discord


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