Some features offered by this Modpack are

  • Many Dinosaurs such as a T-rex, Velociraptor, Triceratops, Pteranodon and many more (50 dinosaurs). All dinosaurs can be hatched from an egg and they can all also be tamed. You can get a dinosaur egg by putting fossils into an analyzer then any DNA you may get from it into a culture vat and finally after a few minutes you may get a dinosaur egg. This could change the way you would normally play Minecraft like instead of exploring the world you might instead decide to make a big base filled with dinosaurs that are your very own.
  • It also adds more structures to the game such as dungeons and towers so can explore and gain loot which would help you in whatever mission you are currently trying to complete.
  • There is also lots of new ores such as Zinc, Sulfur and Cold-Iron which you can make tools and armor out of to improve the diversity instead of the plain Iron or Diamond gear.
  • Many more animals such as Moose, Turkey and Sharks which could make you feel more immersed in the game.
  • There is also many more biomes to explore such as Redwood Forest and many others which could become your new favourite biome.
  • It also has many different weapons such as a Boomerang, Halberd and Greatsword to add a diverse range of weapons that will suits every players needs.
  • Another mod this modpack has many blocks that allow your base to be more secret like one way glass so you can build that secret base from your friends that they will never find.
  • In this modpack there are even more hostile mobs for you to fight like mutant pig or maybe you would prefer to have a go defeating the Assimilated Ender Dragon to be the strongest of them all.
  • Or maybe you just want decorate your base with the many different furniture options this mod has to offer to give you some asthetic pleasure.
  • You also have the ability to morph into anything you have killed (you can transform into mob from other mods). This would allow you do some funny things with mobs you can morph into or you can use a mobs special abilities to explore, fight and more.

This Modpack offers enough to be satisfied for days.