Dimensional Exploration

203 Downloads Last Updated: Apr 15, 2017 Game Version: 1.7.10

For Curse Team

Non Curse approved Mods are in the images tab

Tropicraft is on Curse but NEEDS to be unzipped

Hostile Worlds is on Curse but doesn't SYNC because its in ALPHA



-Curse Modpack Team

AND IM NOT GOING TO MAKE MONEY IM GOING TO HAVE A GREAT MODPACK. That means no Reward Program so the mods work!

 Welcome to  Dimensional Exploration!


Right now this is a very simple pack with a hub for different dimensions. The hub is cool. It uses Direwolf20's Portal Code. Which surely you know what that is. I made it work for 1.7.10.

There is 1 Mystcraft dimension in there. It called Gamer's Delight and in there is a void world, with a setup of MineCheckers by Direwolf20. I would go check that out.



In the future this we be fully pledged out with quests for dimensions and so much more :)


Special Thanks to

XCompWiz -  This map wouldn't be possible without Mystcraft

Direwolf20 - For Portal Code and Minecheckers

The Mod makers - for you epicness

and the Players - for playing the pack :)


Mod List




Mine Checkers Video



Have Fun Classic Pack Team. The creators of . . .

New FTB Retro for 1.7.10 and 1.10.2

Perfect Skies for 1.10.2

The Bedrock 1V1 Recreation of the FTB map for 1.2.5

and Dimensional Exploration for 1.7.10


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