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Dimensional Rift


Dimensional Rift puts a focus on the exploration of various dimensions, with quality of life mods and magic mods thrown into the mix. Explore the Skylands in Aether Legacy or the world below the void in Voidcraft. Dimensional Rift is a light-weight modpack made to work with lower-end computers. and has both singleplayer and multiplayer support.


Currently, The Pack contains the following Mods

Aether Legacy

The Betweenlands

Twilight Forest


Iron Backpacks (For all your storage while exploring needs)

JourneyMap (to prevent you losing important places)]

Just Enough Items (For all your cheaty or recipe searching needs ;) )

Hwyla (So you always know what your looking at)

FoamFix (Better Performance and reduces ram usage :) )

Chisel & Bits (For all your microblock desires)

Blockcraftery (SLOPES IN MINECRAFT!!!!)


And some magic mods to add extra Content


Astral Sorcery

Project E


Download today and get exploring