Dimension Zero

80,501 Downloads Last Updated: Nov 10, 2019 Game Version: 1.12.2

Dynamic Trees

Dynamic trees don’t just look nice they act like real trees try not to press shift while harvesting them or the danger comes your way.

Killer Rabbit vs Holy Hand Grenade

Did you get that one? I say old but gold. Anyway you will be able to explore The Lost Cities find Shelter, Mobs and Treasures you have never seen before.

Tame your own Hippogryph and fly trough the world.

You can Tame a lot of mobs in this pack from the Grimoir of Gaia monsters to the many Dragons, fairies or other creatures.

Dangerous Dimensional Rifts

The Dimensional Boundaries ruptured! Opening Rifts and Portals to places long forgotten and filled the World with Monsters.

Mysterious Dimensions

How did we end up here? How do we get out?

Find Strange Structures

One of the Many Structures you can find, loot and conquer.

Summon Mystical Beasts.

In case you prefer a more refined art of combat let others do the fighting for you.

Dragon Parts?

Turn your enemies into power. Yes you can even craft Dragons, Sea Serpents and many more into Armor with unique effects.

Augment yourself with Effects.

Find many rare Abilities to add to your pool of Talents.

Skill up and become Unbeatable.

Skill up Basic combat and utility Skills to improve your life from Digging and hitting faster to Skin like Diamond, a little bit of exp will open your path to Glory.

Over 130 Spells for you to Discover.

Ranging from destructive Meteors, powerful Summons or Simple Hailstorms to Support Spells, Everyone will find something to fit their Style.

Ancient Wizard Towers

Find many of the new Dungeons added to the pack and see if you can get all the treasures

Regenerating Civilizations

Find some of the descendents of the Survivors of the Disaster and befriend them.

Hostility Nations

Not all of the intelligent creatures in this world are going to be nice to you.

Automatic Defense Systems

Be it Rocket Launchers, Laser Turrets or Railguns you will surely find something to keep the monsters away from you.

Rifters abducting Pigs into another Dimension.

You can be happy if you don’t end up like this. If you See a Rifter Run or it will drag you and not a Pig. If one gets you fight back with all you have.

Where are the Twitch Options?

Your game isn’t running make sure to check your Settings.

Important Settings for Dimension Zero

These are the Recommended Settings for Dimension Zero, to make sure everything runs smoothly with the newer Mod versions in this Modpack.