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Be the hero and save the world in this one-of-a-kind modded Sci-Fi adventure. Thought provoking story, quests, fights, secrets, puzzles, adventures, hidden bases, and modded progression.

Deep overdramatic narrator voice:

"In a world where technology has run amok. Something has identified us as a threat, and an opportunity. The simple farming village lifestyle has become obsolete. There are those that violently resist. Punishment has been swift.

Rocks have rained down with fire from the skies.

The dead have returned to stalk us in the night.

Strange new metal beings kill without mercy.

Whole populations -- have simply disappeared without a trace.

It began with fantastic discoveries deep underground -- and a race to exploit them -- something went horribly wrong.

Now, it is up to one hero -- to go where it all started -- uncover the truth -- and save us all."

Digsite is an adventure focused modpack for 1-4 co-op players. Designed to be played in roughly 10 to 20 forty-minute sessions. A novel experience that will stay with you.


"Dang dude, we beat it. That was cool! That was the first story-driven modpack that I've ever played and it was very fun. [Not too grindy.] Wideblaze, very good modpack, that was pretty dope." ~CaptainSparklez



Anime Intro - Leaping into battle


Is DigSite right for you? It's not for everyone. 

If you enjoy sifting dirt and twerking for trees on a rock in the sky until you build the ultimate machine from dust, then this pack is probably for someone else.


* If you enjoy being really challenged by tough and extended early game [vanillish style play] with tangible benefits for mining, monster killing, and leveling up. This pack is for you.

* If you enjoy playing with new and realistic game mechanics. This pack is for you.

* If you enjoy a good scare and miss the days when hostile mobs made your heart race. This pack is for you.

* If you enjoy being rewarded for exploration with uncovering richly detailed big builds and chests full of balanced loot. This pack is for you.

* If you enjoy wielding the power of modded Minecraft but not so much the grind and learning curves. This pack is for you.

* If you enjoy solving interesting puzzles, doing soft parkour, and not being completely trolled by the map. This pack is for you.

* If you enjoy the feeling of wonder that comes from discovering hidden bases, secret passages, Easter eggs, and surprises around every corner. This pack is for you.

* If you enjoy your Sci-Fi mixed with a little humor, subtle [and not so subtle] references, and sight gags. This pack is for you.

* If you enjoy being immersed with a great story in a lived-in world and interacting with characters and mods that are fully integrated into it. This pack is for you.

DigSite is all that and much more. It's a pack that you will actually play to the end and feel satisfied that you accomplished something worthwhile.


DigSite replaces the "same old" dimensions, boss kills, and expert progression with some good ole summer blockbuster action movie style fun. Imagine Indiana Jones on the LOST island. So jump into that minecart and race down the track to adventure...


Something unexpected found around every corner 


Can you discover what is going on before it is too late?


47MarkIV's Let's Play - Warnings: Beta Version / Spoilers!


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Anime Outro - Everyone telling stories around the campfire

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