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The DHL Fun Pack

// A Modpack made for my friends //
The general features aim to enhance your vanilla exploration experience. With slight endgame activity additions for some new fun!

-Some things you can find around your Minecraft World-

Broken Bridge Ruins
      - Simple Bridge Ruins that add to the RPG Element of the game
Better Sand Temples

     - Multiple Floor Temples with Traps and Light Mechanisms.
Better End Dungeons
     - Larger room structures with amore consistent Generation pattern
- Some soft optimization and endgame enhancement also reignite some off the more static mechanisms of the game
Seasons Mod
     - Static Seasons that change the speed of certain crop growth
     - Building a Greenhouse eliminates the affect of seasons.
Sculk Horde
     - Post Ender Dragon Event that corrupts the world and sends monsters your way
     - Drawn from the underground hidden city where the Warden resides, the Sculk has spread!
Anvil Enhancers
     - Anvils can be repaired easily
     - Anvils never too expensive to combine something
Minimap and Waystones
     - Create Saveable points. using waystones, across the map which you can teleport to

     - Intuitive Map that can be used to track your exploration, and save markers to remember where things are!
And More!

For anyone that may come across this modpack and tries it out for themself. Feedback would be much appreciated.