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This modpack was made for the specific use of our public, 24/7 community server (IP comes installed)




Fabled Agriculture is a 1.19.2 modded Minecraft server, specialising in magic, farming, and exploration allowing you to become anything you would like to be with nature by your side. Travel to different biomes and dimensions to explore your new potential.


This modpack is highly modified, many of the recipes have been altered. Please note that this modpack is not recommended for beginners; however if you are new to Modded and do wish to join, our friendly community will be happy to help you get started!





Website: http://www.dragodonia.com

Discord: https://discord.gg/kyVdxzGNTb 


Please note that any version other than the latest are not supported as this modpack is made for the sole use of the server.




Our target player base are mature players, we have strict rules and a zero tollerance policy.




Technic: https://www.technicpack.net/modpack/fabled-agriculture.1957268



Disclaimer: All Rights go to their respective Authors. I did not make nor do I own any of the mods in this modpack. All mods can be found on mods.curse.com. I do not profit from this modpack nor any of the mods within it. To my knowledge, all mod Authors have given permission to allow anyone to include their mods within any modpack, most providing that the modpack authors do not claim ownership or profit from their mods. If you find any mods which do not fit this description in my modpack, please do not hesitate to contact me so I can put it right.