Detailed Optimized

Detailed Optimized uses mods to boost your FPS, such as Sodium, Lithium, etc.

Detailed Optimized contains all Optifine features such as zooming, optimization and even better, advanced graphics settings, merged textures, etc.

Speed of updates
Detailed Optimized receives quick updates and is one of the first modpacks to be updated to new versions of Minecraft.

Built on Fabric
Compared to Forge, Fabric is lightweight, quick to update and load, and has excellent support for mods.

Minor fixes
Detailed Optimized includes a few minor tweaks that don't compromise the vanilla feel, a windowed full-screen mode, fixes for the most common bugs and crash diagnostic utilities.

About Modpack
Detailed optimized fixes bugs in the game e.g. in the portal of hell can not press esc, also improves memory performance, adds dynamic lighting, removes reports from the version, etc.

A helpful community
We have a growing community of friendly members who love to discuss the pack and help each other out. Join us!