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35,321 Downloads Last Updated: Apr 14, 2021 Game Version: 1.12.2

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Do you miss the old Tekkit, not the spaceship futuristic one, the one with all the pipes and transmutation? Ever wonder what that formula would look like in 1.12.2 with the more modern and more updated mods? Then Download This One! it features the old mods, as well as some addons just to add to the experience, and also a new GUI for those of you who are sick of the vanilla one. Yet another thing, we removed the swing cooldown and the recipe book so you don't have to see that! There's A LOT to offer with this pack, you can craft machines, turn items into other items, create items out of thin air or you can take the route of RULING THE WORLD!


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We Also Offer More Than Just 1 Modpack! Type in "Definitely Not" into the CurseForge Launcher's Browse Modpacksand hit enter! Some mod packs do need to be updated and we are aware of that but there is a whole lot more content soon to come and we are also very welcome to recommendations to projects without a fixed goal, or even bug reports, we try to be as people-oriented as possible!


Want To Play MC With Friends But Cant Host Out Of Home?

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