Day One

1,545 Downloads Last Updated: Aug 25, 2017 Game Version: 1.11.2

Day One (name subject to change) is a somewhat light, but difficult modpack. Much of your first few nights will be spent huddling in a cave, or an abandoned village if you're lucky enough to find one. No more splitting logs perfectly by hand; warmth and thirst are ever-present needs; and a balanced diet will be needed to survive.


Using Survivalist, and Better With Mods to slow the early game, and combating extreme temperatures and lowered health from Tough As Nails, you will have to thrive in a harsh and unforgiving world. But fear not: in this world, there is great power...if you have the wits and determination to harness it.



Mod List:

Animalium - Vadis365

Antique Atlas - Hunternif

AppleSkin - squeek502

AutoRegLib - Vazkii 

Bed Bugs - gr8pefish

Better With Mods - Beeto

Better Achievements - Way2muchnoise

Better FPS - Guicharguri

BiblioCraft - Nuchaz

Blood Magic - WayofTime

Cannibalism - SoraZodia

Chisel - tterrag1098

Chisel and Bits - AlgorithmX2

Clay Bucket - abecderic

CompatLayer - McJty

Connected Textures Mods - tterrag1098

Cooking for Blockheads - BlayTheNinth

CoralReef - primetoxinz

CraftStudio API - ZeAmateis

Cyclops Core - kroeser

DecoCraft2 - RazzleberryFox

Doggy Talents - ProPercivalalb

Durability Show - 61352151511

Dynamic Surroundings - OreCruncher

Embers - elucent

Everlasting Abilities - kroeser

Extra Alchemy - zabi94

Giacomo's Fishing Net - Zacomat

Guide API - TehNut

Hwyla - TehNut

Inventory Tweaks - Kobata

IVToolkit - Ivorius

Just a Few Fish - Tmtravlr

Just Another Crafting Bench - Vanhal

Just Enough Items - mezz

Just Enough Resources - Way2muchnoise

Lapis Stays in the Enchanting Table - csb987

Mouse Tweaks - YaLTeR

NetherEx - LogicTechCorp

Nether Chest - mangoose

Nether Metals - koxhack

Nutrition - WesCook

Pam's HarvestCraft - MatrexsVigil

Quark - Vazkii

Ranged Pumps - raoulvdberge

ReAuth - TechnicianLP

Recurrent Complex - Ivorius

Redstone Paste - FyberOptic

Roguelike Dungeons - Greymerk

Roots - elucent

Rope Bridge - LordCazsius

Rustic - mangoose

Simple Generators - ValkerieofNight

Souls Shards: The Old Ways - SgtPunishment

Sound Filters - Tmtravlr

Survivalist - gigaherz

SwingThroughGrass - exidex

TAN Campfire Spit - WolfieWaffle

The Disenchanter Mod - Impelon

Tomb Many Graves 2 - M4thG33k

Totemic - ljfa

Tough As Nails - Glitchfiend

UniDict - WanionCane

ValkyrieLib - ValkerieofNight

Village Names - AstroTibs

Waila Harvestability - squeek502

Wand of Experience - numbskies

WanionLib - WanionCane

Waystones - BlayTheNinth


 Small credits!

   SilverBranch, for being a general nuisance.

   Rosareven, for being the first to die (to a wild dog).




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