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I don't have a lot of time, so we're going to have 1 version of DarTech. The latest version the mod pack supports is the only supported version of the game. A few things will always be consistent: 

  • Flying for All - This is usually done with jetpacks, but there may be a machine or two that could help you do it.
  • Better Storage - Sometimes you just need to have a better chest, but generally you're going to be converting items into energy (and back).
  • Mobile Storage - Backpacks, mobile storage access, you'll get it somewhow.
  • Guns - Technology is always better when you can use it to shoot things.
  • Automation - At some point you'll only be playing the game to make cool places and manage your automated systems.
  • Dungeons & Bosses - We feature more world generation explore ruins, dungeons, and even other dimensions.
  • Computers - Everyone needs to have a fancy server room, the question is what to do with it....
  • Better Villagers - Those pesky villagers are now even peskier!
  • NPC Towns - Start a town and bow to the needs of your townsfolk.
  • Machines - Most types of power generation and conversion are supported to allow for creativity.
  • Ancient Magic - Enchanting and Runes are the main types of magic.
  • Better Interface - Minecraft is cool, but the interface could be a bit richer.



The next planned release will be for 1.16.5.


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