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DarkRPG Redux Edition




  • Redux version (1.18.2) of our popular DarkRPG Fabric Modpack.
  • Back by popular demand! This is the 1.18.2 version of the DarkRPG Fabric Modpack but updated to modern standards.
  • Some of the returning mods include: FTB Quests (press the [i] key), FTB Teams, FTB Ranks, Mythic Mounts, Blockus, Adorn, Easy Magic, Enchanting Infuser, Architect's Palette, Simply Swords, MC Dungeon Armors/Weapons
  • New Mods added: All the YUNG structure mods, DarkRTP, DarkHeads, DarkInventory, DarkTides, Chidori Origins, Pickable Villagers and pets, Tom's Storage, and all remaining mods updated to latest Fabric standards
  • Optimized for low end PCs
  • Complete Quests by pressing the [i] button and using menu bar on left side
  • Capture and ride all land and air Mounts
  • Use the built-in Advancement section to track down difficult mobs
  • Collect all the Armors and Weapons
  • Build, Perform Magic and Explore!
  • Multiplayer friendly. Play with your friends! Simply go to BisectHosting and grab an awesome server today.







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